Why Are Beauty Box Subscriptions On The Rise?

Sometimes it’s possible to become obstinate about our beauty treatments or products. You can fall into a routine that doesn’t change, but needs a little freshening up or some inspiration. Generally, people love to try out new products and a free sample is still a welcome promotional tool, but often we don’t have the time to keep up to date and find the perfect product for our needs. So, the concept of a beauty subscription box came to fruition, and if you’re not already signed up, it might be the perfect subscription service to reinvigorate your beauty regime.

Why Are Beauty Box Subscriptions On The Rise

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The best form of promotion?

Beauty boxes are the latest in a long line of subscription services to become popular and a key reason is convenience. People don’t often think of subscription services are promotional, as they bear little resemblance to the store discounts, coupons or casino offers we’ve become used to, but they are now possibly the most effective form of promotion. Just like an online casino will entice you to make a deposit or simply start playing a game with various bonuses, the discounts available through subscription services are alluring. Your subscriptions give companies a golden ticket; they allow them to register consistent and recurring revenue.

Customers, even pre recent worldwide disruptions, were staying at home more and the predictable, regular, and discounted deliveries of products became very desirable. Subscriptions to beauty boxes also satisfy consumers in unexpected ways, with reviews often expressing their surprise and delight at receiving the package, or at least a moment that relieved the monotony of the day. Yet, the phrase “subscribe and save” is often clear in customer comments and the satisfaction of getting the products you want at a cheap price is delicious.

Most pleasing

So we’ve established that a regular delivery of hand-picked beauty products to your home is an unadulterated pleasure, but which is the best one? In a competitive industry, we’re going with an established name in Glossybox. One pioneer of the beauty box subscription services and still a leader in the game. You’ll be provided with unique products from around the world and some established hits. Once you’ve found the plan for you, you can either pay upfront or monthly. You’ll eagerly anticipate receiving five beauty products per month with a theme at a set value. They also have a GLOSSYCredits, GLOSSYLounge, and other promotions that can gain you some exclusive offers and plenty of opportunities to join in the discussion with other subscribers.

Honorable mentions a couple of specialists in the market, with The Fragrance Shop, which is a fragrance-only subscription service, for those that just need some scent inspiration. And Skin + Me, which through an online questionnaire and photos of your face, takes care of all your dermatological needs.

There are several beauty subscription boxes to choose from and while we’ve mentioned Glossybox as the best overall, it is worth shopping around to find the one that suits you perfectly.

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