Let’s Peek Into The Beard Growth Oil Myths

We’ve all been bombarded all over the internet with affirmations about beard growth oil that will magically help you grow beard hair where there was no hair before. There has never been any scientific evidence suggesting that beard growth oil would magically help you get that dream beard.

The ingredients in these growth oils are no different from the normal moisturizer oils. There are simply the same carrier oils and essential oils. Why would beard growth oil help you grow a beard and not the others?

Beard Growth Oil myths

The real fact

Beard growth oil contains some basic carrier oils like jojoba oil, almond oil, castor oil, or avocado oil and soybean oil like this beard oil. There also have essential oils like peppermint oil, tea tree oil and so on. There are exactly the same oils that you would see in the normal moisturizer beard oil.

Why would beard growth oil, which has the same ingredients do any different?

The fact is that if there are no follicles, there won’t be any beard. It’s all largely down to genetics, and beard growth oils can’t change that visit bossmanbrand.com.

However, if the reason you aren’t growing hair or you have poor beard growth is because of dryness, lack of hygiene, or damage, beard oils can help for sure. They will soften, avoid hair damage, keep the beard and the skin underneath it clean, smooth, moisturized, healthy and nourishing.


Instead of manufacturers acknowledging these facts, they will tell you how great their growth oils are without any evidence existing.

They will push an agenda of obviously fake testimonials and reviews that favours them and their products, like “purchased one for my boyfriend, he suddenly grew a full bear in less than 5 weeks, and he loves it”. And despite, the real reviews stating that beard growth oils are a scam are always silenced.

And of course, you will see fake before and afters of people with absolutely no facial hair and then in the after picture, they have a face full of nice and super attractive beards a few weeks later.

What could really help with beard growth?

You can still grow a beard with other methods, it’s just that beard growth oil isn’t the way.

    • Beard growth serum. Minoxidil is a beard growth method that actually has scientific backup. It has been proven to stimulate the follicles to sprout more hair, not only in the beard area but also on top of the head and even in the chest area.
    • Beard supplements. There are few supplements that can help with beard growth with scientific proof. The herb Ashwagandha or carnitine and so on are supplements that raise beard growth hormones boost androgen receptors and act directly on the follicles.
    • Healthy lifestyle. Things like sleep, exercise, a good diet, and beard nutrition habits all contribute to your overall hormone levels and beard growth.

So, does beard growth oil work? They don’t, they never did, and are more likely to never do.

Does normal moisturizer beard oil help with beard growth? They don’t either, they are best for moisturizing, staying clean and hydrated.

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