What Makes Pink Diamonds The Fairest Of Them All?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Even more so when they’re pink!

Famed for its appearance on the Pink Panther series, pink diamonds are some of the most coveted diamonds— ever.

pink diamonds

What makes a pink diamond.. well, pink?

Pink diamonds range from light pink to deep pink in hue.

Easily, this can also distinguish the price tag. But we’ll get to that later.

The origins of this color source has always been a hot topic.

There are also underlying colors in every pink diamond. Three well known variations are purplish pink, orangy pink and brownish pink.

Each of these exude their own beauty— from very light— almost clear ones, to deep, velvety darker hues.

However, what’s most intriguing is that, unlike other diamonds who have been known to get their colors from specific elements, pink diamonds remain mysterious up to this date.

And maybe it’s what adds on to the effect it gives, but despite the extensive research, it is still unknown how and why pink diamonds are the way they are.

Diamonds in itself can be pretty heavy in the pocket, but pink diamonds take that into another level because of its distinct rare color.

Diamonds are graded according to 4 C’s:


– Color

– Clarity

– Carat

For pink diamonds, add on the hue and intensity of the pink color and you’ll find yourself wide eyed at the price tag— but don’t be too stunned!

This being a rare gem all the more makes it sought after, especially for collectors. So if you love diamonds and you like rare— this is the one for you!

Take a look at these special cuts from Asteria and fall in love with this gem all over again.

What makes a pink diamond special?

There’s just something about this little pink piece that is very inviting— so alluring that you’re immediately drawn into it in a sea of shimmering gems.

Maybe it’s because it emits a romantic, luxury vibe — or that simply because it’s pink, that gives it this special place in a woman’s heart.

Value wise, it’s definitely way up there! Being a rare gem, it can cost up to 20x the normal price of its white counterpart.

Pretty hefty huh?

Well! All with good reason! Because this pink gem gives its wearer an added blush— a color that instantly gives that fresh glow. Complimenting every skin color, it is definitely a spectacular addition to a diamond lover’s collection.

How to get the best pink diamond jewelry?

A native to Brazil, Russia and South Africa (just to name a few), pink diamonds are one of the main attractions in these locations.

However, the most renowned ones can be found in Argyle Mine in Australia.

Check out these beautiful pieces here. A perfect gift to a special someone— a luxurious reward for yourself! Asteria offers a wide range of selection with the best prices!

Investing in these gems may seem incredulous to some, but a real delight to others! Whatever your stance may be in terms of collecting expensive jewelries, one truth will remain: diamonds are forever.

By Nat Rivera

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