How To Enhance Your Look Using The Right Technique Of Makeup

The entire purpose of makeup is to enhance your look and prepare you for the occasion. However, some women fail to create the perfect look despite using the most expensive makeup products because they do not follow the right technique.

Doing makeup is an art and you need to use every product smartly to create the look you want. Here are some amazing ways you can follow to create the perfect look even using drugstore products.

The Right Technique Of Makeup

1 Spend Time On Foundation Setting

Whether you are using a drugstore foundation or a high-end makeup product, it is the technique of application that gives you a flawless look. If you want to make sure that the foundation sits naturally on your skin and you want to avoid patches and a cakey look, spend your time setting the foundation.

Apply the foundation with a brush, spray your setting spray, and blend it with a kabuki brush or damp beauty blender. Make sure that you do not put too much product near the corners of your nose and under the eyes to avoid creases.

2 Know Your Features

If you understand your face structure and you know which feature to enhance and which to tone down a little, your makeup will look flawless and perfectly set. Knowing your features can also help you with contouring.

If you have bigger cheeks and a double chin, you should know how much product and at which angle you should apply contour sticks to enhance your features. You should also know whether to enhance your lips or make them smaller. When you know your face structure, you can also decide which points to highlight for the look you want.

3 Choose Eyelashes According To The Event

False lashes can instantly change your look. If you are getting ready for a small and informal get-together, you can work with a simple mascara. However, for formal occasions like engagement parties, office parties, and weddings, you should put on false lashes.

Not every lash style is perfect for every event. You should explore a wide range of lash extension supplies to find the perfect style and products for yourself. Lash extensions can help create the look for wedding parties and other formal events without putting too much effort. You should know how to apply false lashes. Otherwise, get professional help to make sure that you do it right.

4 Never Forget A Setting Spray

Setting spray is a must if you want your makeup to stay in its place for a long time. When you have to attend an event that will continue for longer than 2-3 hours, then you should apply a generous amount of setting spray.

While applying the spray, make sure that you cover your eyes. Focus on areas with foundation so that it does not move from its place. With the right setting spray, you can create a glossy or a matt look, depending on your preferences. You should also keep a bottle of face mist or rose water spray to keep refreshing your makeup for longer events.

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