Makeup Looks for Every Occasion

It can be difficult to know what makeup look is appropriate for what occasion. You don’t want to appear too flashy, yet you don’t want to seem as though you haven’t made an effort. The right makeup looks can make you feel confident and powerful, whilst the wrong makeup look can make you feel self-conscious.

Confidence comes from within, but your exterior can certainly help as when you look good you feel good. But what is the best way to ensure that you look great for every occasion?

Makeup Looks for Every Occasion
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Daytime Makeup Looks

Typically speaking, a daytime makeup look should be subtle and be used to enhance your best features. Generally, dark shades of makeup should be avoided as they can be too overpowering. Instead, you should inject some color into your look by using light brown, peach, or pink eyeshadows. These shades will highlight your eyes without making your makeup look too intense.

Similarly, foundation can often appear too thick and heavy for a subtle day look. Instead, concealer and tinted moisturizer are great alternatives; concealer will mask your blemishes, whilst tinted moisturizer will give you a delicate glow. Like foundation, you shouldn’t go overboard with mascara and apply only a thin coat to frame your eyes. Finalize your look with a layer of pink, red, or natural lip gloss to make your lips look moist and healthy.

Office Makeup Looks

When coming into the office, you want to seem professional; a full-face of makeup doesn’t always convey professionalism. Instead, your makeup should be naturally applied to almost mimic a barefaced appearance. Like a regular daytime makeup look, it’s probably best to avoid heavy layers of foundation and opt for a dust of compact powder in its place.

On top of this base, you should apply a natural-colored eyeshadow and finish off your eyes with a minimal coat of mascara. You can highlight and frame your face and cheekbones using a small amount of blush. Finish off your look by applying a natural-colored lip gloss.

Interview Makeup Looks

Interviews are all about first impressions and your appearance is what an initial impression will be based off. Therefore, treading the balance between trying too hard and not trying hard enough is absolutely imperative. As a base, you should always moisturize to ensure that you’re fresh-faced. For an interview, you can then apply a very thin layer of sheer foundation and blend it well to make it as natural as possible.

When it comes to eyeshadow you want to avoid dark and overpowering shades and instead use natural and complementary tones. You might also apply a small amount of highlighter on the brow line and blend it with your eyeshadow. To complete your eye look, you might add some eyeliner and a layer of mascara. To conclude your look, apply a pink or nude lipstick shade.

Makeup Looks for Every Occasion
Source: Pinterest

Party Makeup Looks

When it comes to parties, there are no rules with makeup. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a wedding, or a religious festival, you can be as bold as you like with your makeup. Dark and bold colors, shimmery and sparkly textures, and smoky looks are welcomed and encouraged.

However, if the party or celebration requires you to dance, you may want to rethink heavy layers of makeup that could run. Eye makeup is the most prone to streaming, therefore, you might rely on your lips to give you a pop of color through bright reds and hot pinks. Otherwise, go wild with winged eyeliner and smoky eyeshadow, you will ooze glamour.

But if you’re looking for a makeup style that’s trendy, edgy, and won’t budge while you dance the night away, consider trying out Egirl makeup. You can create a perfect statement look for any party or event with bold, graphic eyeliner, colorful eyeshadow, and playful accents like heart-shaped beauty marks or fake freckles.

What’s your go-to makeup look for every occasion?

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