How to Attain the Iconic Hairstyles of Hollywood’s Leading Men

From timelessly classic styles made iconic by the likes of James Dean to the tousled waves of Timothee Chalamet, The leading men of the big screen have been raising the bar for men’s hairstyles exceptionally high. When its time for a cut, many men may immediately seek out styles that emulate the stars in the hopes of borrowing some of their seemingly effortless charm and appeal.

Unfortunately, actually achieving a style with star power that will help a guy stand out from the crowd is a little more complicated than it may look. A man needs to have some understanding of hair types, face shapes and maintenance routines to make a style work for them. To help men discover which hairstyle will work for them best, this guide highlights the steps a man will need to take to get the look and own it.

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Finding a Style Inspired By the Stars

After an appropriate style has been chosen, it’s a good idea to check out this website and find a stylist capable of transforming a man’s current locks into a style that matches the likes of Oscar Isaac or Taeyong. But before running to the stylist, men would be wise take time investigating whether a chosen look will match their existing face and style.

Research is the key to success when it comes to style. Taking time to explore a variety of trendy styles and seriously considering whether individual bone structure, hair texture and length will match the desired result will help men avoid disappointment down the line. Be realistic, choose styles that are likely to complement rather than overpower and hunt down images to help explain the vision to the stylist. If unsure whether or not a look will work, guidance and advice from an experienced stylist can go a long way.

Matching Hair Types for the Best Results

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that not every hairstyle will work for every man. If a guy has thin, fine hair, it will be incredibly difficult for them to achieve a rugged style matching the likes of Jason Momoa without extensions or a wig. It’s good to seriously and realistically consider individual thickness, texture and natural movement before attempting to emulate a look or style.

Never forget that confidence can make or break a style. The reason why the haircuts of celebrities work so well is tied to the fact that these men are confident in their appearance and feel comfortable in their own skin. Many informative videos and guides exist online to help men decipher what kind of hair they are working with. A good stylist can also provide useful advice.

What to Look for in a Stylist

Celebrity hairstyles don’t happen by accident. It’s important to remember that male celebrities have unlimited access to teams of qualified stylists. In order to achieve a look that matches their appeal convincingly, men need to be discerning when choosing which stylist to help them achieve a look that’s effortlessly chic and cool.

When shopping for a stylist, pay attention to their credentials and stay away from barbers with limited amounts of experience. Don’t hesitate to ask them for their opinions on whether or not they have created similar looks in the past. An exceptional stylist will be knowledgeable about current celebrity hair trends and will happily share portfolios of previous work to prove they have the skill to work with different hair types.

Once a good style has been chosen and the cut is complete, pay very close attention to how the stylist made use of products and heat treatments to tame each strand into a structured look. It’s vital for a man to have a good understanding of how to maintain their hairstyle on a daily basis.

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