Best Hairstyle Blogs Every Woman Needs To Follow!

Are you someone who loves trying new hairstyles every six months or so? But spending so much money on salons feels scary, right? Well, don’t worry, girl; grab your pair of best hair cutting shears, and you’re all set for the new experiment. The experiment is simple; you need to take the pandemic trend seriously. Just be the diva who loves to try new DIY-hairstyles. And if you have been searching for some blogs to guide you in this journey, here’s a list of the best hair styling blogs.

best hairstyle blogs

Curly Nikki

It can be hard to try different hairstyles if you’ve curly hair, so here’s the blog exclusively for our women with beautiful curly hair. It was started by Nikki Walton, who, like you all, struggled with her curls and always wanted to have straight hair. But, a time came when she found uniqueness and beauty in her circles, and her blog acts as a tool and forum for women who, like her, want to change their hair. She regularly updates video tutorials and styling tips for curly hair.

Hairdresser On Fire

Have you ever wanted a magic fairy to appear and make all your hair dreams come true? Here’s the opportunity to give wings to your hairstyle enthusiasm. It contains easy-to-follow tutorials and collaborations with some biggest beauty websites around the world. It also has a unique section of questions and answers where you can drop all your queries. If you’re looking for some inspiration and solutions, search this blog, and you’re all set.

Thirsty Roots

Thirsty root was started sharing in 2010 as part of her journey, where she shares her experience with postpartum hair loss. Here, she shares solutions and hair care methods that she researched. It also has a list of hairstyles suiting every hair type available with a list of clear and easy-to-follow video tutorials.

Hair Products Pro

This blog has everything you must know about hair, from hairstyling tips to reviews about hair products. Plus, it also suggests you some tips and tricks to maintain the texture of your hair. In this blog, you’ll find the latest news about celebrities’ hairstyles and a video section with all the information from beginners to advanced stylists.

best hairstyle blogs


Every blog has its unique element. So go through all these carefully and find the one that resonates with you most. Remember, we live in a dynamic world where nothing stays the same. The trend in April may be outdated in may. The same is true in the case of hairstyle trends. The hairstyle in the 90s may come back, and your hairstyle from one month back may be out of style. Trying to stay in style with traditional Japanese scissors can be challenging, but your style has to define your personality and tastes. Hopefully, these blogs will help you find your favorite hairstyle. Your hair represents your crown, so make sure you carry it elegantly.

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