6 Types of Mothers: Which Type of Mum are You?

Every mum is special in their own way. They’re kind, wise beings who nurture and hold us gently when needed. They are always on call, and always there for us when we need them. There’s no doubt that these women make the world a better place!

However, they are different, not necessarily in colour but in personalities. In this article we take a look at the different types of mums to help you identify where you fall.

type of mum

Competitive Mum

Competitive mums are always on the lookout for a challenge. More than anything, they want to win. They’re perfectionists who take pride in their achievements — and want everyone else’s to be just as good.

They’re often very involved in their kids’ lives, from reading bedtime stories to making sure homework is done on time. They’re also great coaches, because they know how to push their kids without pushing them away.

A competitive mum is usually stressed out because she feels like she’s constantly racing against other parents. She wants the best for her child, but she often makes things more stressful than they need to be.

The downside is that a competitive mums can be so focused on winning that they forget about having fun along the way. This can lead to burnout, which will make your child lose interest in activities that were once enjoyable, like sports or music lessons.

The Overprotective Mum

She’s constantly worrying about her kids’ safety and well-being, so she tries to keep them close by at all times. She might even go as far as keeping them under lock and key so they don’t get into any trouble or get hurt in any way. She’s afraid of losing them or something bad happening to them because she loves them so much!

A protective mum also cares about what may happen to her children in case something happens to her. So, to secure her children, she may do things like taking out life insurance for mums or extended education policies for their children.

Helicopter Mum

The helicopter mum is a piece of parenting that has become extremely popular in recent years.  This mum hovers over her child like a helicopter, protecting them from every harm, every danger.

She doesn’t want her child going anywhere without her permission and she won’t stop until she knows everything about her child’s life – what he eats, what he wears and who he hangs out with.

They are often seen as controlling by others, but they see themselves as caring, protective and loving mothers who want the best for their kids.

The Free Range Mum

This mum lets her kids explore their world and make mistakes without being overly involved in every aspect of their lives. She trusts that they’ll eventually find their way through adolescence without too much help from her — or anyone else for that matter!

Free-range mothers are the ones who want their kids to be able to play outside alone, because they can’t stand being cooped up inside all day. They’re the mums who take their kids to playgrounds, parks and other places where they can roam freely. They’re also the ones who let their kids walk to school without an adult accompanying them.

Moreover, they’re usually very concerned with safety, so they won’t let their kids do anything that could put them in danger. However, they also don’t want to limit their children’s independence or creativity by making them feel scared all the time or restricting their freedom too much.

The Tiger Mum

This mum is fiercely protective of her children and expects them to perform at their highest level at all times, whether it’s schoolwork or playing sports. Her children may resent her high standards and constant criticism, but they usually succeed due to her tough love approach.

They will often agree that their parenting style is too strict and controlling, but they feel it’s necessary to make sure their children succeed in life.

The tiger mum believes that the key to success is hard work, which she will instil in her child from a young age.

She may force her child to practice piano or violin even if he or she doesn’t enjoy it. She might also make them do homework every day after school, even on weekends, until it’s done correctly.

Tiger mums believe that by being strict and pushing their kids hard, they will turn out to be high achievers who can achieve anything they set their minds to.

The Overly Loving Mum

This is the mum who wants to be the best at everything, so she works hard and pushes herself to be the best. She wants her children to have the best education, the best clothes and everything else they need.

The overly loving mum is willing to sacrifice everything for them, including her own happiness. She’s always planning their next outing or event and making sure they’re involved in activities that will keep them busy and happy.

So under which category do you fall? Let us know in the comments below.

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