3 Things to Consider After Breast Reduction

Another aesthetic surgery that is as interesting as breast augmentation is breast reduction surgery. Although big breasts always attract attention, people with large breasts are also interested in small breasts. Breast reduction surgery, which is the aesthetic application preferred by individuals with abnormally large breasts, is the operation to remove excess glandular tissue, skin and fat. In addition to being an operation mostly preferred by women, it is also a method that is rarely used for men. In this article, we have compiled for you the situations that you should pay attention to after the breast reduction operation.

breast reduction

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Before the developmental period, men and women have breast tissue, albeit small. This breast tissue begins to develop and grow with the developmental period. In general, this tissue stops growing too much in men, but breast tissue grows more in women. However, in some women, this growth is seen at an abnormal level compared to normal women. Hormonal and body development and abnormal breast growth are counteracted by breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery aims to make it proportional to the rest of the body.

Recovery Process After Breast Reduction Surgery

You may feel slightly dizzy after breast reduction surgery performed under general anesthesia, but this is short-lived and temporary. Some situations that you may encounter during the recovery process after breast reduction;

    1. In addition to changes in the size of the breasts, swelling may occur at the same time, this swelling will improve within a few weeks.
    2. For a fast and healthy recovery process, you must follow your doctor’s recommendations.
    3. Wear compression garments and take care of drains during the healing process. In addition, you should be careful about using the prescribed drugs.

Although it is known that it happens without any problems and within a few weeks after the breast reduction operation, this period may vary according to the physical condition and living standards of the individual just like breast augmentation.

Bra Use After Breast Reduction Surgery

You should wear supportive bras to help relieve swelling after breast reduction surgery and to get through the process in a healthy way. Supportive bras are essential to keep the breasts in the right position.

Sitting and Sleeping in the Correct Position

Postoperative swelling is seen commonly. Although it may take up to a few months, you can apply methods to reduce this swelling. At this point, sitting and lying positions play an important role. You should always sit with your breasts in an upright position and lie down by taking a position accordingly. However, be careful to ensure this with supportive bras.

Pain After Breast Reduction Surgery

In general, pain is minimal after breast reduction or breast augmentation operations. However, different pain thresholds of patients cause them to perceive pain in various ways. If you feel abnormal pain, consult your doctor, otherwise, you can use painkillers recommended by your doctor.

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital Breast Reduction

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