8 Fun and Unusual Facts About Traveling Around the World

Traveling is a profound experience, and there is no better way to explore the world by traveling. It lets you understand the world with its divergent cultures and people in a whole different light. You can expand the horizons of your mind and broaden your knowledge of the globe through constant traveling.

The obstacles you face while traveling forces you to step out of your comfort zone and face challenges on your feet. More often than not, the hardest part of your travels becomes the most memorable moment in your life.

People love to travel for widely different reasons, such as for learning, challenging yourself, expanding your perspective, or exploring the expanse of the world. This article brings to you eight of the most unusual and fun facts about traveling around the world.

1. Pilot And Co-pilot Eating Regulations

Flying is statistically the safest means of transportation with considerably lower cases of incidents involving casualties in comparison to other modes of travel. A flawless and calm flight is the primary criteria for ensuring the safety of the passengers during a flight.

Unusual Facts About Traveling Around the World 2

The flight staff adheres to certain rules and regulations for making the flight experience as smooth as possible for the passengers. An amusing rule that the flight staff follows during every flight is ensuring that the pilot and co-pilot do not eat the same meal while on duty aboard a flight.

Even if something is wrong with the food aboard the plane, only one among the pilot or co-pilot will get food poisoning. Meanwhile, the other pilot can take over and conclude the flight safely.

2. Jet Lags Are Worse When Traveling From West To East

Jet Lag occurs due to the disruption in the synchronization of the natural clock of our body with the time of day due to travel by flight. According to recent research, the natural internal clock of the body has a duration which is slightly longer than the twenty-four hours of a day.

Traveling from the east to the west makes your day slightly longer, allowing your brain more time to adapt to the change in the sleeping cycles. On the other hand, traveling from west to east by flight considerably reduces the duration of your day, increasing your jet lag.

3. The Best Part Of A Trip

Contrary to popular belief, the best part of your trip may not even require you to move out of your home. A study indicates that going on a vacation does not necessarily make you happier than before.

You can get the same stress-relieving, ecstatic feeling that you get from traveling during the planning phase itself. So much as the anticipation of getting a little time off in the future can culminate in higher levels of happiness.

4. Travel Destinations

Unusual Facts About Traveling Around the World 2

Your personality traits can be a major influence in picking your travel destination. Extroverted personality types prefer to choose a beach as their vacation destination. Meanwhile, introverts tend to choose mountains as their travel destination.

5. Most Visited Country

The country with most visits by travelers the world over is France. A whopping 82 million people flock to France every year to revel in the fineries of Paris, Bordeaux, and Cannes. The country with the lowest visitors is the island of Kiribati in Oceania islands.

6. Traveling Can Help Reduce Stress

Unusual Facts About Traveling Around the World 1

Traveling can even improve your overall health and fitness by relieving you from the stresses and strains of everyday life. According to research, men are at a 20 percent higher risk of dying if they do not take a vacation every year. Traveling can also boost your creativity by making you think out of the box and exposing you to widely varying situations.

7. Travel Genes

travel reduces stress

The craving for travel may be due to your genetic makeup, particularly a gene known as the wanderlust gene. The gene has close links with the dopamine levels in your brain, restlessness, and curiosity levels.

8. Working On A Vacation

As you may expect, working during a vacation may not be a good idea. According to a recent study, scrolling through your email while you are relaxing on vacation will cause you to have fewer memories of your vacation.


Every place you travel provides a unique insight into the lives of the people and allows you to retrospect your own life in unimaginable ways. Traveling also provides an escape from the monotonous and mundane aspects of daily life.

The chaotic schedule of day to day life can be extremely stressful and it may not allow you to engage in activities that you truly want. Traveling can lift your spirits and allows your mind to break free of the familiar routine in favor of exploring the unknown.

Traveling with your friends or family is sometimes a revelation and you can make your relationships stronger as well as make delightful memories together. Traveling on the road is one of the best ways to travel with your dear ones. Ensure to equip your vehicle with a roof box tent which will allow you to sleep on top of your car while on the road.

Traveling also allows you to appreciate your fellow travelers in a whole new light, and you may form strong bonds by going through the rigors of traveling together. Traveling compels you to socialize with all sorts of people, and you can have the benefit of developing your communication and socialization skills.

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