7 Travel Themed Unique Decor Ideas

Whether you are a travel-freak or in love with the idea of being a gallivanter, you are going to enjoy the travel-themed decor ideas illustrated in this article thoroughly. Traveling, in itself, is an art- the art of knowing different cultures, the art of inculcating adventurous beliefs, the art of becoming an explorer. However, home is your ultimate destination and the place of comfort that you crave the most. How about making your final destination a resemblance of what you love and what gets you excited? How about a picture gallery from your past travel snapshots? We have brought plenty of such unique and charismatic ideas for decorating your place.

7 Great Ideas for a Travel-Inspired Decor

Travel Themed Unique Decor Ideas

1. Travel-Themed Wall Posters

 Your living room or even your bedroom with a huge poster having a quote that says “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”, is one of the trendiest ideas for getting a complete travel-themed home feel. If you want to make it a bit more catchy and soothing, you can go for travel-posters inspired by nature and hill-stations. You can select the travel posters with better contrasts with your wall, or the one that matches your travel ideas, the choice is entirely yours.

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2. Art Gallery or Polaroid Picture Garland

Who wouldn’t like a beautiful art gallery that automatically grabs all the attention? It can be one of the best ways of keeping all those memories alive and cherishing the travel experience you had. What if you do not have much experience as of now? Well, you can portray your desire for traveling to your favourite destinations through the heritage of those places. Another unique decor idea constitutes of collecting the polaroid pictures of your travel experience and spinning them into a decorative garland to be hung somewhere around your study table or even one of your shelves.

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3. Souvenir

Souvenirs are like the trophies you carry back home. They can be anything, ranging from a showpiece to a decorative pen or even a frame. It wouldn’t do justice if you simply shut them up in your drawers, right? You can decorate your shelves and glass cupboards with boxes, decoratives, or handicrafts that you buy during your visits to different places across the world. This will not only look cool but will also keep reminding you of the number of places you’ve been. That will undoubtedly make you and your relatives proud!

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4. Globe and Map Canvas Collection

Globes and maps can now be a part of your decor-ideas, especially when you have decided to keep it travel-specific. It becomes one of those necessary items to be included. You can try out different styles, colors, and sizes of the globe to fit your requirements. A world map hung over the wall is another brilliant idea. Apart from the traditional maps, wall-stickers and canvas of maps are available on various shopping sites as well. Moreover, the scratch-off map amazon provides, is a highly unique map that you can put across your wall. All you need to do is scratch off the foil of the places you’ve visited, and get a colorful map full of your travel memories.

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5. Travel Books Decor

If you are a bibliophile who loves reading and collecting books, then this is just the right decor-idea for you. You can put up a collection of the best travel books like On the Road by Jack Kerouac, The Lost City of Z by David Grann, In A Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson, and so on in your list. This will give a classy touch to your home or even your workplace.

6. Vintage Suitcase Shelves and Trunks

You can wisely choose the decorative vintage-look suitcase trunks to give your room a chic look while also accommodating your storage stuff. This gives an antique look to your place and adds to its aesthetics. Just in case you are short of space to put the trunk, you can go for the vintage-shelves, which are again beautiful in looks and useful for keeping stuff.


7. Cardboard Wall-Fixtures

Last, but not least, the tiny cardboard fixtures on your wall can be used to stick upon the tickets, bills, coins, cards, etc. from your previous travel. These keepsakes will keep the memories of your wanderlust alive. How about pasting your itinerary on one of them? You can even use them to keep important notes for your upcoming journey, like noting the dates or marking important to-do.


Wrapping up, we have seen some of the best decor-ideas based on travel-theme. There is no doubt you can inculcate your viewpoint and do innovations in the above-mentioned points. For example, instead of polaroid pictures, you can use your postcard collection. In case you are not a book lover, you can decorate your shelf with a timezone clock that shows the time of the major cities of the world. Likewise, you can rejuvenate the look of your place with some of the great travel-themed unique decor ideas that we have brought exclusively for you. You can even get inspiration from your traveling experience on how to make your home look more lively and idiosyncratic. These theme ideas can be used for interior design in a small house. The way you decorate your place would reflect the personality in you. So, make the best of this opportunity to show your love towards traveling.

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