6 Home Remedies for Foot Swelling You Should Know

Foot swelling is a quite common issue that can affect everyone. The main cause of foot swelling is impaired lymph flow and venous circulation. This means that the fluid is trapped inside the cells and soft tissues. At first, swelling on the legs disappears after rest or sleep and doesn’t require treatment.

If foot swelling occurs constantly and doesn’t disappear over time, it’s high time to visit the best podiatrist in your region. Moreover, there are a lot of health issues (like kidney disease, thyroid dysfunction, etc.) that can also cause foot swelling. That’s why you should define the underlying cause of your condition. If your feet are swelling because of a sedentary lifestyle or other not quite dangerous causes, you can use these six home remedies for foot swelling.

foot swelling

1. Massage Your Feet

The massage helps to relax the muscles, remove excess fluid, and reduce swelling. It is important to massage your feet using moderate to strong pressure movements. Press on the bases of the toes, massage the pads of the toes, and rub the middle of your foot and heel. Such a massage should last at least five minutes.

The use of massage oils can also be beneficial. For example, lemon oil strengthens the walls of blood vessels. However, you shouldn’t use essential oil alone since it can be toxic. That’s why it is better to dissolve it in a carrier oil and use it as a regular massage oil.

2. Include Magnesium-rich Foods to Your Diet

Due to the fact that swelling occurs when the body holds fluids, it can be caused by magnesium deficiency. That’s why it is recommended to include more magnesium-rich foods like avocado, broccoli, almond, and spinach to your diet. People with a sweet tooth can also eat a piece of dark chocolate. However, people with kidney and cardiovascular diseases should consult a doctor before magnesium intake.


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3. Use Orthotics

Orthotics can improve blood circulation in the feet. They can also help correct foot deformities and treat many other foot issues. The regular use of orthotics can also relieve foot swelling. Due to the fact that there is a huge variety of orthotics on the market, it is better to ask your foot doctor about the most suitable options.

4. Exercise

If your feet are swelling because you maintain a sedentary lifestyle, simple exercising can reduce swelling. Try to stand up every hour and have a walk. Moreover, if you can reach your work on foot, it would be a great opportunity to improve blood circulation and prevent foot swelling.

foot swelling

5. Drink More Water

In many cases, foot swelling is caused by a lack of water in your body. It may sound quite ridiculous but the reality is that your body tends to accumulate liquid if it has insufficient water consumption. You should also be aware that gravity causes this fluid to build up in your feet. That’s why it would be beneficial to drink at least eight cups of plain water a day.

6. Make a Foot Bath

A foot bath is an effective (and quite pleasant) way to reduce foot swelling and relax aching muscles. Take two bowls and pour warm water into one bowl and hot water into another. Place your feen into the bowl with warm water for 20 seconds and then place them into the bowl with cold water. Repeat the procure for several times.

The alternation of cold and warm temperatures strengthens the valves of your veins (by provoking their expansion and sharp contraction) and stimulates blood circulation. As a result, foot swelling and pain reduce significantly.

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