7 Ways to Wear Leggings in the Summer

Leggings tend to be a fall and winter closet staple for many, but that doesn’t mean that you can only wear them during those specific seasons. Indeed, leggings can be a great transitional piece of clothing for warmer weather, too. For one thing, leggings can keep your legs from getting sunburned during hot summer days. Moreover, leggings can give you the boost in confidence that you need when you want to show off the shape of your legs without going completely bare. Remember: dressing modestly for comfort is completely fine.

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If you love the comfort of leggings and still prefer to be covered up during the summer, you may be wondering how to do so without feeling too hot. That said, here are a few tips that can help you rock those leggings under the sun:

Keep It Lightweight

The last thing that you want is to deal with sweaty legs while you’re out and about. So trade your thick leggings for cotton and Lycra for better comfort and breathability. On warmer days, you’ll definitely want to opt for leggings that can keep your legs cool while protecting them from the sun. Shop for leggings today so that you can have a few pairs in your closet that you can readily grab at any time.

While you’re at it, make sure to stay away from wearing athletic leggings for anything other than working out at the gym. These types of leggings have fabric blends with a lot of spandex and can look unflattering and stifling during the hot summer months.

Choose the Right Length

Though many would assume that summer-appropriate leggings need to be cropped, this isn’t always the most flattering length for everyone. Generally speaking, longer leggings will accentuate your legs and make you look taller, so we recommend sticking with them even during the summer. You can always hide the rest of your leggings by putting on high-cut footwear. If you’re not too keen on wearing closed shoes for the summer, though, you can opt for ankle-length leggings instead.

Pair Them with Barely-There Dresses

Summer dresses are hot weather staples because of their airy designs and lightweight fabrics. However, some people may find them too skimpy to wear by themselves. If you’re one of those people, pair those slip and sheer dresses with a nice pair of leggings so you won’t feel like you’re showing off too much skin. This style hack is especially great for shorter dresses that you’d usually be too leery to wear on most days.

Wear Them with Summer Essentials

As long as you keep the rest of your OOTD summer-friendly, you can pull off wearing your favorite leggings during the season. Wear crop tops in different styles to keep cool and to ensure that your outfits have some variety. Protect yourself from harmful UV rays while you’re out and about by wearing the appropriate accessories like hats and shades. That way, even if your legs are all covered up, you can still look like you’re dressed appropriately for the weather.

Choose Leggings with Fun and Playful Prints

Summer isn’t the time for your boring black leggings. With so many parties, beach trips, and other sunny day activities ahead, it’s only stylish and fitting to wear more brightly colored outfits. Make your leggings the focal point of these ensembles by donning colorful and zany prints that give off those summer vibes. You’ll want to have a few pairs featuring different animal and geometric patterns as well as vivid hues. With these items on hand, you’ll always have the perfect printed leggings to wear to any summer occasion.

Wear the Right Shoes

There are certain types of footwear that work best when worn with leggings. By the same token, though, there are some kinds of footwear that you should avoid pairing with them. As a rule of thumb, most closed shoes look good with leggings. Hence, your sneakers, pumps, and flats are foolproof shoe options to wear in the summer.

If you love getting pedicures and intend to show them off all summer long, stick with peep-toe heels and sandals. Just make sure you’re wearing leggings that stop at the ankle, as these look most flattering with open-toed shoes.

Tie Your Jacket Around Your Waist

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that it can’t get cold at night. That’s why wearing leggings can be a good idea, as they can help keep your legs warm in the evening. That said, you’ll want to keep a jacket on you so you can keep your upper body warm as well. During the day, you can tie your jacket around your waist. Paired with your leggings, this can give your outfit a spunky but laid-back vibe. This is also a great style hack if your top is too short and you want to cover up your butt.

Leggings are a closet staple that can be worn all year round, even if it’s scorching hot outside. Hopefully, these tips will help you transition into the warmer months with your trusty pairs of leggings. Stay cool and confident out there!

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