5 Ways to Dress Smart Casual in 2023

It can be difficult to keep up with all the latest fashion changes. After all, there are fashion shows throughout the year and fashions appear to change every spring and fall. That means, if you want to stay on trend you need to replace your wardrobe twice a year. For many people, that’s not an option.

Instead, it’s better to understand how to dress for a certain trend and you can often do this with the clothes you already have.

how to dress smart casual

Understanding Smart Casual

The term smart casual encompasses clothing for a variety of occasions, both work-based activities and social ones. Smart casual means choosing clothes that are well-coordinated, neat and well-fitted. They don’t need to be custom made but they do need to fit your body fairly closely.

In short, you’ve taken the time to plan your outfit and ensure it works.

1 Add A Blazer

This is one of the best ways to ensure you have perfected smart casual. A blazer can work with almost any outfit, from a short skirt to a crop top. Of course, to keep it smart casual you’ll probably want to choose a slightly longer skirt and top that covers a little more flesh.

But, you know the venue and your style, which means you’re the best one to decide what goes with the blazer to create the right look.

2 Use Tops Without Graphics

The top you choose to wear with your smart casual outfit will define how smart or casual the look is. In general, you should avoid tops with logos and graphics. These can be controversial.

Instead, take a look at these women’s tops and choose one that creates the right impression. You can keep it smart but casual by choosing tops that cling to your curves, providing they show minimal flesh. If you prefer to wear tops that have less sustenance you’ll want to keep them looser.

3 Select the Right Colours

Plain colours can look great and prevent people from being distracted. They are the logical choice for any smart casual occasion, ensuring you are relaxed, look fantastic, and the attention is where it should be.

In short, avoid patterns as these will distract from what is important in a smart casual situation.

4 Skirts Past the Knee

A midi skirt is a great option if you’re looking to go smart casual. It can be put with a fitted blouse and create a smart casual look that leans more toward smart. Equally, the same skirt can be put with a simple top and blazer to create a relaxed, yet casual look.

5 Your Shoes Finish Any Outfit

Sneakers combined with any outfit will make it look casual or even scruffy. In contrast, a pair of high-heels can elevate almost any outfit to smart casual status. It’s important to think about what shoes you want to wear depending on the event and the impression you want to make.

Don’t forget high heels also make your legs look longer which can be used to your advantage.

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