in Canada: Connect With Colleagues, Friends, and Family With the Best Video Conferencing Platform on the Web

The video communication format is quite popular in Canada for several reasons. Firstly, in rather cold climate, especially in winter, there is no desire to go to the office which may be located on the other side of the city so it is much more convenient to work remotely. Secondly, if an unforeseen situation occurs at work, it is not always possible to organize a work meeting quickly and gather all colleagues in one room, especially if you have several offices in different cities. This is just the beginning of a huge list of the benefits of video communication.

Video conferencing is a technology that uses complex communication. Video conferencing is integrated into the business environment. Moreover, compared to phone calls and face-to-face meetings, this method has much more features and advantages. It allows you to quickly solve business issues, create a comfortable environment for communicating with colleagues, customers and partners, and save the company money. Let’s consider more about this technology.

Video Conferencing Platform on the Web

What to start from?

There are many programs and online services to hold video conferences so it is very important to choose a high-quality one. A special iMind service fits this definition. It is gaining popularity very rapidly and is loved by its clients. You can read iMind reviews to make sure about its high quality. On iMind’s official Facebook account, you can find out why users like this service so much and why they recommend it in their reviews.

Advantages of videoconferencing

Video conferencing has the following advantages:

    • Saves time – video conferencing allows you to meet remote employees, partners, and clients online without leaving the office, and spending a lot of time at the meeting place or on business trips;
    • Ease of use – you can make a call using special video conferencing devices, a computer or a smartphone, as well as attend meetings at work or in the conference room;
    • Scalability – the number of participants is limited only by the capabilities of the videoconferencing infrastructure and your needs. You can communicate with subscribers or groups of participants or create online seminars followed by thousands of people;
    • Realism – video communication conveys much more emotions than telephone conversations. It is very important to connect with each participant of your conference and solve business problems. In addition, communication in video format does not allow you to be distracted and focuses your attention only on the communication as in a face-to-face meeting;
    • Security – modern video conferencing systems allow you to work in nearby networks without an Internet connection to ensure possible data transmission security.

Due to these advantages, video conferencing is rapidly becoming popular both in business and in everyday life.

Where videoconferencing is used?

Video communication is actively used in such areas of life as:

    • business;
    • education;
    • medicine;
    • staff selection;
    • government agencies.

Video conferencing can also be used for personal purposes. For example, you don’t need to leave your home to talk and have a cup of tea with friends or family, especially in cold weather or when loved ones live in another city or even in another country. For video conferences, headphones / speakers, camera and microphone on the internet, a cloud connection or mobile access are enough.

The Internet develops rapidly and new technologies enter our lives, gradually becoming a familiar part of this process through video communication. In the past, people considered video conferencing  a science fiction, but today it is a common thing that helps us in all areas of life.

Why is iMind worth choosing?

Since video communication for work, studying, and leisure is very popular in Canada, choosing the right service is also very important. The iMind video conferencing platform offers you the following benefits:

    • simultaneous screen sharing;
    • high video quality
    • background noise suppression;
    • connection quality statistics;
    • the ability to hold video conferences from a PC, laptop, or smartphone.

Most of the benefits of this video conferencing tool for companies are available in the Pro plan but you can also use the free version which has everything you need for comfortable video communication.

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