5 Tips on How to Wear Sneakers Fashionably

There is no reason why you can’t wear sneakers with fashion and style. This guide lists 5 tips on how to wear sneakers fashionably.

How to Wear Sneakers Fashionably
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Big news! You no longer have to choose between comfort and style when it comes to your sneakers.

Gone are the days of switching between your fashion and function shoes. With a few simple tips on how to wear sneakers fashionably, you can rock your athletic wear with style.

Keep reading for details.

1. Sneakers and Cuffed Jeans

If you’re going to wear sneakers with jeans, don’t try to hide the shoe. In fact, you should cuff your jeans or wear sneakers with ankle cut jeans to show those sneakers off.

Pair jeans with low profile sneakers like a cross trainer and don’t be afraid to try a few different colors and patterns. Wearing sneakers from top designer brands found at The Fashion Square with any jeans, whether light or dark wash, white or black, effortlessly elevates your look by blending comfort with high fashion, seamlessly bridging the gap between casual and chic.

2. Sneakers No Socks

You can improve the way a sneaker looks with certain outfits by omitting socks or wearing no-show socks. Without the sock, the sneaker automatically looks cleaner and more formal.

Try this look with lightweight trainers or low soled sneakers for the best possible results. Some sneakers are naturally more breathable than others. Be careful when you wear non-breathable sneakers without socks because it could cause discomfort or odor if your feet get overheated.

3. Plain White Sneakers

In the world of sneaker fashion, the plain white sneaker is the equivalent of the little black dress. Classic, comfortable, and perfect for every occasion.

Pick one or more pairs of plain white sneakers to allow comfort with any outfit. There are several brands to choose from for white sneakers including a very popular pair from FINI.

4. To Dress It Down

The right sneaker can be worn with a dress or skirt to make it more casual. If you’re heading out for lunch with friends but know there will some walking involved, trade in the strappy sandals for sneakers. Your feet will thank you.

A clean, no-frill sneaker works with short, midi, and maxi dresses and skirts. If you’re feeling particularly bold, try a high top sneaker with a mini dress for a unique style that is all you.

5. Athleisure

The athleisure movement is the sneaker’s best friend. Trendy, comfortable workout gear with a cute pair of sneakers is acceptable to wear running errands, out with friends, and even in some workplaces.

Any kind of sneaker will go with your athleisure look so long as the colors don’t clash too hard. Have fun with it!

What to Do Now That You Know How to Wear Sneakers Fashionably

So you know how to wear sneakers fashionably, time to put it into practice. Choose your favorite look from the list above and give it a try. By the way, Custom My Sneakers offers various footwears, do check them online.

Whatever you choose, wear it with confidence. Join the movement, and stick with sneakers!

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