Ladylike: How to Be Truly Elegant

ladylike truly elegant

Elegance is something that most of us desire but becoming elegant is a process that requires time, thought and work. However, when we think of some ladies that were truly classy and elegant, such as the stunning Audrey Hepburn, it may appear to us that these inspirational women were simply born elegant. And although it may be arguable that some people have been sophisticated their whole life, it is still true that elegance can be acquired and learned, starting from working on your inner self to the way you dress and the fashion you chose to wear.

Being Authentic

ladylike elegant

This is the key to being a true lady, as it means knowing who you are and behaving and living accordingly. What are your strengths, what are your talents, what are your weaknesses? Being authentic means being real and that is extremely elegant. A true lady will know what her strengths are and on which areas she needs to works more in order to improve and to be better. For example, if one knows that she is a shy person, she will work on her social skills but will always be polite and respectful in all social interactions.

The same applies to a person who is a true extrovert; she will be herself but will have consideration for other people who may not be as outgoing as her. Being real also means having self-esteem, as it means knowing that you are a worthy person who is trying her best in every moment and who is also worthy of other people’s respect. Essentially, being authentic means being who you are, but at the same time respecting others and being gracious and kind.

Investing Wisely Into Fashion Pieces

ladylike truly elegant

Elegance is also a matter of fashion. A classy lady will know what suits her and will go for quality instead of quantity. She knows that her wardrobe must have a few staple items and accessories. For example, a well-fitted coat and a few blazers, as well as some tailored trousers are always worth the investment. The same applies to shirts; have a few crisp cotton shirts in black and white, as well as some lovely silk ones. Moreover, a little black dress, as well as one or two lovely and glamorous cocktails dresses and even a modern suit are something that any elegant woman must have in her closet.

ladylike truly elegant

Accessories are also an integral part of an elegant outfit. However, instead of wearing multiple bright-colored necklaces or oversized, shiny rings and earrings, a graceful woman will opt for a few minimalistic and quality pieces. For instance, having one or two modern marble watches in black or earthy tones and a few pairs of delicate stud earrings is the best way to complete any stylish outfit. A classy watch will go incredibly well with any business look, as well as some diamond or platinum studs. Even a casual, daytime look can be enriched with these pieces, as you can match a camel or off-white watch with a few bracelets in the same tone and wear it with a romantic dress and some loafers. Add a faux leather tote bag and you will have an exquisite outfit.

In addition, for a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant, you can go for a black silk cocktail dress, diamond studs and a modern but gracious thin choker necklace in a silver tone. To finish off this nighttime look, opt for black, strappy sandals and a fitted blazer that you will effortlessly wear on your shoulders. However, make sure that you go for comfortable heels, as good posture and confident walk are a mark of an elegant lady.

Knowing That Casual Can Be Classy as Well

truly elegant

Essentially, it should be noted that a woman can look incredibly gracious in a pair of high-waisted jeans and a simple, cotton T-shirt. However, you want to pay attention that your jeans are well-fitted and not ripped and that your T-shirt doesn’t have any striking graphics on it. Moreover, you will want to go for some classy but trendy footwear, such as white sneakers or nude heels and a remarkable bag. Once more, shoes and bags are definitely worth the investment, so you should opt for a few quality items which are classic and versatile so that you can wear them with multiple styles and on different occasions.

Finally, we can say that a true lady knows what true style is. She is confident, well-mannered and looks gracious and classy in a designer dress as well as in a pair of simple jeans and a T-shirt.

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