10 Glamorous New Year’s Eve Destinations in 2019

Glamorous New Year's Eve Destinations in 2019 sheeba magazine

Sometimes, traditional celebrations can become somewhat dull and too predictable for those with a taste for adventure and novelty. At other times, you’ll find that an ordinary New Year’s Eve can be transformed from a snore-fest into a galore of glamor and joy, only if you decide to move your celebration to a new location. Taking your special evening to a new culture, a new destination, a new climate, a new nature spot – it’s all a way to give your New Year’s a fun twist.

Plus, it’s never too soon to start planning and making reservations. Here are a few spots to look out for and take into consideration for the next New Year’s that’s approaching!

In the embrace of the Moscow frost

The enchanting atmosphere of the Russian capital is more than enough to put you in the New Year’s mood. However, to make the most of your trip, don’t forget to try ice-skating in Gorky Park, a perfect scenario for love-struck couples on a getaway. Brace yourself for fireworks unlike you’ve ever seen, bursting across the Moscow skies on the night of the main event!

Amidst the Sydney summer lights

Glamorous New Year's Eve Destinations in 2019 Sydney

It’s no surprise that everyone celebrating the holiday in the Northern Hemisphere might be sick and tired of the cold – no matter how fairytale-like it can get. For a proper change of scenery, you can rush to the Southern Hemisphere all the way to the iconic city of Sydney for a summer entrance into 2020. Just make sure you travel prepared and get your Sydney New Year’s Eve 2019 tickets in advance so as not to miss out on any wonderful festivities going on during that time. Fireworks are also a must, but how about a New Year’s picnic for a change of pace?

Timeless in New York

This would be one shabby list without mentioning the Big Apple. Although some will go for the famous ball drop at midnight in Times Square, if you prefer less crowded spots, you won’t be disappointed. The city is brimming with places organizing one-of-a-kind New Year’s events, just make sure you do some homework before you choose. Concerts, restaurant events, classy cruises, you name it, NYC has it, you just need to take your time.

Get fancy in Berlin

Glamorous New Year's Eve Destinations in 2019 new year's eve in Berlin

If you’re a party animal and you’d love to see how the modern tempo of Berlin feels like, then the holidays are a perfect time to go. This is precisely when their finest clubs are packed, their finest events are on, and try out an open-air party for the special night at Brandenburg Gate, with dozens of food stalls, tents, and stages. Keep in mind that you need to show up early, because they prevent overcrowding by shutting the gates after a certain amount of time.

Charming but glorious Barcelona

In case Australia is too far away, and you still want a somewhat warmer environment for your celebrations, the Mediterranean will keep you happy. More precisely, Barcelona makes for a perfect choice for your New Year’s escapade. Try to witness the stunning fireworks at Font Magica in the heart of the city, and of course, don’t miss out on the many culinary delights specially prepared for the evening around the city.

The romance of Paris

Glamorous New Year's Eve Destinations in 2019 new year's eve in paris

As if there could be any wrong way to spend this holiday in the most romantic city in the world! If you’re a foodie, rest assured that a number of spectacular, renowned restaurants will keep your taste buds happy. If you’re up for street festivities, locals and tourists alike mingle together in large crowds everywhere in the city, and especially around their most famous monuments. Up for an original cabaret? Paris has you covered.

Party in Rio

If their famous carnival is anything to go by, you know you’re in good hands when it comes to partying in Rio de Janeiro. For those who are up for a new tradition, join in and wear white for New Year’s Eve, together with hundreds of locals in the streets and the beach alike. Get ready for some serious crowds and arm yourself with plenty of patience when you choose to make your way through the city on the day of the festivities.

Unforgettable in Vegas

 2019 new year's eve in Vegas

Never been to Sin City before? It’s high time to enjoy some of its glamorous decadence and abundance in the heart of the Nevada desert. Each and every hotel and nightclub will have its own spectacular celebration, and you’ll find the streets brewing in anticipation of the many different shows the city is about to put on. Book well in advance, and make sure to bring something warm to wear in the evening – the desert can get quite cold at night.

Celebrate untamed in Cambodia

Unlike the chaotic celebrations scattered across the globe, the somber New Year’s of Angkor Wat presents a contrast, but a memorable one for those who love the idea of gazing at the ancient ruins while they greet another new chapter in their life. Alternatively, you can find your party spot in Siem Reap, and then return to your humble accommodation away from the chaos and enjoy the moment all to yourself.

Days of glamor in Tokyo

New Year's Eve in Tokyo

Did you know that the capital of Japan, famous for its hard-working people and fast-growing corporations, also knows how to party like there’s no tomorrow? This is especially true for New Year’s Eve, and the days prior to the main event. Expect the parties to begin as early as the 29th of December, while you can choose to commemorate the moment near some of their stunning temples for the countdown, or at the Port of Yokohama. Make no mistake, wherever you choose to be, you’ll be dazzled by the energy of the city celebrating in unity for hours on end.

Let go of those stale, predictable parties and swap them for a more exciting, glamorous trip into the unknown, as a symbolic representation of your eagerness to embrace everything new and unknown that the New Year has to bring your way!

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