5 Steps to Help You Achieve Perfect Gym Style

Steps to Help You Achieve Perfect Gym Style

When you walk into your local gym, you’ll spot a myriad of different personalities. The eager beaver at the steady-state cardio machines going hard at the treadmill, the lean and strong ladies taking over the squat rack, and then there’s the buff and the brave on the deadlift platform testing their personal best. Do they all look or dress the same? Hardly.

No matter which group you belong to, or if you’re a mix of HIIT and group training enthusiasts, you still have plenty of wiggle room to create your personal look at the gym that combines function as well as aesthetics. Add to that, what you wear can really help you enhance your confidence and put you in the right mindset to always give your best when you train. Use the following five tips to infuse your workout look with purpose and to boost your motivation every step of the way.

Invest in durable protective gear

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a gym junkie, you always need to think of your safety first. Of course, it all depends on the kind of movements you’ll perform, the length of your training, and your level of expertise, but certain gym staples for protection are a must for all fitness levels and the vast majority of activities.

For example, wrist wraps are very useful for weight training, but also for intense cardio when you need to move quickly from pull-ups into pushups and put plenty of stress on your wrists. Using protective gloves is, pardon the pun, very handy, because you’ll prevent callouses and possible cuts or scrapes. And we all want to keep our hands smooth, right? In case you’re into heavy lifting, then knee wraps, lifting belts, and straps are certainly a must for your gym bag.

Choose form-fitting garments

perfect gym style

We’ve all seen a few people at the gym working out in their college hoodie or wearing their old sweatpants. Although this might seem like a comfortable option, it’s certainly not the safest or the most functional one for you. When you’re looking for long-lasting gym wear, aim for pieces that are form-fitting, and made of materials that let your skin breathe. Plus, they’ll look gorgeous on you!

That way, you’ll have full visibility during your training to fix your form when your muscles start giving out, you won’t have those unsightly sweat spots all over your body, and you won’t clog your pores. Of course, you can add a looser tank top to your mix, and wear shorts instead of sturdy leggings during summer, as long as both options let you perform your workouts unhindered.

Mind your feet, too

Of course, let’s not forget about your active feet! You need to be extremely careful when choosing the right footwear for your workouts. Cushioned sneakers are perfect for running, but if you plan on hitting the weight room, too, then you need something sturdier with a flatter sole for proper support. Too much cushion can actually wreak havoc on your ankles during those heavy lifts with free weights.

For those among you that are madly in love with athleisure, you’re in luck. Ever since the trend took the spotlight, more brands have started producing functional, yet stylish footwear perfect for the gym. Just make sure to find the right type, and you can play with colors and shapes all you like!

Accessories to the rescue

accessories for perfect gym style

Just like a rugged watch can transform an entire ensemble, your add-ons at the gym make all the difference. What’s more, you can find those accessories that are truly purpose-infused, and not just fashionable. Take, for instance, your fitness tracker, a device that will help you keep an eye on your heart rate, your calories, as well as your breaks between sets.

If you’re a long-haired gym-goer, then you might want to consider investing in a whole bunch of hair ties that will keep those strands safe from all the machines and heavy weights, but also allow you to move freely through your workout.

Focus on support

Sometimes you need some extra help in order to perform your training without getting distracted by an occasional pinch here or there. For example, women know all too well that wearing a sturdy and supportive sports bra can make a massive difference in how successfully they train.

Depending on the size of your bust and the intensity of your workout, you should look into different sports bras that can keep you comfortable for the duration of your training session. Add to that, compressive garments such as elbow sleeves or even entire leggings can help you speed up post-workout recovery to get back to the gym sooner rather than later.

Fitness is indeed a state of mind, but when you invest in your gear and use it to build the right mindset, you’ll be better prepared for all those inevitable ups and downs of training. Not to mention that you’ll look like a stylish superhero. Create your spotless gym style with these tips, and you’ll look forward to years of infusing your new lifestyle with health and strength!

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