“Gênesis Man” by Guilherme Bivoli

Photographer: Guilherme Bivoli  Assistant: Alyne lisboa  Retouching: Sandro Oliveira Iung/Guilherme  Art direction/styling: Jhoey Chinalder  Assistant director: Rafael Borges/ Hudson Lima  Fashion production: Cauir Riuac, Vivivan Kondo, Hudsom Lima, Eddie Andrade, Jhoey  Production Assistant: Karina Fentty Isidoro  Hair & Makeup Artist: Gabriela Romualdo  Models: Levy Eliezer (Divino models),  Douglas Rezende (Allure agency),  Jhoey Chinalder (Surreal management)  Special thanks to designers: Luiza Guilguer Guerra & Alyne Lisboa

In a continuous flow, man creates his own universe (Eden).
After the expulsion from paradise, the light and dark reflects this divergence in his actions and attitudes; man also pictured as an animal. The editorial tells about an ordinary man; Elegant, but unequal, searching for his selfish individuality in the indifference. This party celebrates his miscarriage as an ephemeral individual, celebrates his lack of love and compassion, his lack of hope. This chic party is just a mask to hide his emptiness. Man, created by God, recreated his paradise, and was expelled out of Eden by his greatest enemy: flesh. The Bouguereau paintings describe this hidden city inside of us, a city full of emotion and love. At this party, you choose who you want to be, or you merely hide yourself behind the mask of miscarriage.

Text translation & editing: Hernan Canteros Vergnano & Claudia Cristriane de Araujo