Photographer Kristian Dill & Painter Fabrice Chapuis About Their Recent Project “Sensual Colors”


Colors and lights have combined to highlight curves and shadows.

Two artist profiles have shared their respective passion to work on a new project we are pleased to present. This project consisted of combining our talents to bring a pictorial vision of the feminine beauty.

Kristian has been a photographer since he was a teen and is a professional photographer for 3 years. He has a great artistic sensibility and has shown great interest in this project. “Working on this creative project with Fabrice immediately attracted me and motivated me, allowing me to concentrate my art on curves and pictorial patterns!”

Fabrice, artist-painter for 10 years and photographer for 2 years. “I wanted to create a project linking my two passions. And the idea of bodypainting has come a long way. To have a professional quality result, I proposed this collaboration to Kristian, whose artistic approach to highlight my work was exactly what I was looking for.”

Photographer: Kristian Dill
Models: Sophie Marcel, Elodie S., Suzanne Flavienne, Cylia Furrer, Kristen Robertson
Makeup/Bbodypainting Artist: Fabrice Chapuis
All pictures © 2015-2016 Copyright by Kristian Dill & Fabrice Chapuis

Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Kristian: I started taking pictures with a small Kodak at the age of 9-10 years old. Then, I got my father’s 6×6 during my youth before finally be able to buy my 1st 24×36 SLR with my first salary, at the age of 24 years old.

The passion was there and never left me!

In 2012, I bought my first DSLR full-size with an idea in mind: Turning professional photographer!!!

A lucky opportunity allows me to make the jump in 2014 and create my photo studio – Le Studyo K.

Since then I have been active in portraiture, fashion, wedding, culinary, industrial and photography workshops.

Fabrice: A decade ago, curiosity leads me to start painting. The positive reviews I got gave me confidence and pushed me to pursue this new passion.

Self-taught, I am motivated to innovate, constantly experimenting with new techniques. I feel in a continual need to explore new faculties that allow me to evolve in the accomplishment of my art.

The passion for photography came later. In 2014 I invested in my very first DSLR camera.

Whether in one or the other of my two passions, I walk step by step and I take things as they come, according importance to encounters, ideas and in all simplicity.

How did you meet each other?

Kristian: I believe it was during a committee of Festisub (Festival of Underwater Pictures of Neuchâtel, Switzerland), when Fabrice took over the photo responsibility of the festival, which I unfortunately had to leave because of lack of time.

Fabrice: I wanted to join the Festival of Underwater Pictures, Festisub in Neuchâtel, and it was there that I met Kristian who was member of the committee. I took his place as the photography responsible. That was about a decade ago.

In general, what are your favorite fields of creativity?

Kristian: I love working in fashion photography, portrait and teaching photography at my studio.

Fabrice: In general, what I like most is the magic of creation. I do abstract and intuitive painting. So, it is very rare that I know where I want to go before I even start, but the more the work goes, the more I’m going deeper into details and areas that I like, before getting the final result.

I like to work on different techniques, on different types of media, each has a particular approach, and I will not find the same dynamic for one or the other. However, they all bring me pleasure in researching and discovering new processes, I am a bit of an artistic explorer.

How was the SENSUAL COLORS project born?

Kristian: Fabrice contacted me one day to propose a collaboration for bodypainting. Then we had a few discussions and a few photo shoots. With those first results, we started to feel the need to concretize this project in the form of an editorial or exposition.

Fabrice: For several years, I have been working on different projects that can link my two passions: painting and photography. But I confess I don’t remember well when I thought about working on bodypainting.

Kristian and I had already collaborated on other projects and this one was born while discussing ideas for future projects.

With Kristian, we brainstormed to find abstract bodypainting ideas to paint on bodies, as if it was canvas.

How did the project get started and what was your role?

Kristian: Let’s say that the implementation of the project was done in stages, as the photo shoots. The initial result being beyond our expectations, our motivation and creativity went higher!

My main role is of course the setting up of the light, the shooting and the processing & retouching of the final images, as per my initial idea.

But it was a real teamwork! We continually exchanged opinions and points of view to bring each work to a successful conclusion.

Fabrice: Initially we thought we would do this one time. And finally, we took the game and made five shootings with each time a different model and different ideas.

The first thing that must be done was to protect the studio during the shooting process. We made sure that I could express myself freely without having to pay attention to the studio environment, so we made a protective cage.

Then I endorsed my role as a painter, to highlight the curves of our marvelous models with flows of painting. Between each shooting, we took the time, Kristian and myself, to exchange our thoughts and ideas to improve the poses of the models as well as the setting up of the painting.

And now ?

Kristian: I would like to end this project with a beautiful exhibition, open to the public despite the partial nudity of the subject. And having our work selected for an editorial in a print edition would make me very proud.

Touching people emotionally and sharing this work would make me infinitely happy …

Fabrice: Now, we are setting up an exhibition to present our work, it takes quite a long time, to  define how we want to expose them.

The exhibition will consist of around twenty pictures. Moreover, we are looking for several places to run the exhibition.

 Joint projects in the future?

 Kristian: Not for now, but I am convinced that we will surely start again on another creative work!

Fabrice: We have not talked about it yet, but we will have other ideas, for sure. You know, the first shoot for SENSUAL COLORS was made more than a year ago. Projects take time to mature and to be set up. We will already take advantage of this one and we will see what the future will bring us.

A final word about your mate?

Kristian: A soul of artist, a true creative with whom to work is always rewarding!

Fabrice: I want to thank Kristian for his professionalism, he has an artistic sense that I like very much, linked to perfectionism that gives his work a magical result.

I wish to take advantage of my last word, to thank also our Sensual Girls, who took part in the project and without whom none of this would have been possible.

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