Interview with Photographer Candice Ghai

Interview with Conceptual Photographer Candice Ghai:

“I want to evoke a storyline or an underlying issue.”

Sheeba Magazine April 2015
Sheeba Magazine April 2015

To begin, can you tell us where are you based and what made you start photographers career? I am based out of Round Rock, TX. (a suburb of Austin, TX) Photography started out as a hobby for me and I use to shoot pictures traveling or of my friends. Once I started to hone my photography skills, the next step for me was to find a way to keep doing what I love and turn it into a career.

Candice, how would you describe your photography style? I consider my photography style in the genre of conceptual photography.

What is your goal? My goal is to continue to grow and learn in the field of photography which continually satisfies my creative outlet.

What are the biggest challenges being a photographer? I’d say keeping up with all the talent out there by continuing to educate yourself on the new and latest ways of photo editing.

What fascinates and motivates you most being a photographer? Where does your inspiration come from? I am fascinated by the endless frontier of creativity that photography has to offer.   Every day I am motivated by the smallest things. For instance, on a recent drive out of town, I spotted an area of a burnt-down pine forest. Even though the area had charred trees, I could still see a beauty to it. I think the beauty can be found in the colors created on the earth by the fire, but also knowing that nature will rebound.

Tell us a secret. What does it take to achieve that one killer shot of the day? Definitely planning! Knowing what your goal or concept is and sticking with shooting at the best times of the day if outdoors. (The magic hours).

What do you want your viewers to take away from your work? That my work is more than just a pretty picture. I want to evoke a storyline or an underlying issue. Creating depth to an image beyond just aesthetics is something I am still working on.

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Magazine April 2015 Editorial “Infusion” by Candice Ghai Sheeba

To your opinion, what role image editing programs play in today’s photography? What are advantages and disadvantages of using it? Post-processing images in an editing program plays an immense role in the art of photography. The act of taking the photo is only the first step to my goal for an image. The rest of the creative process for me happens in Photoshop. There are so many options with editing programs that allows me to change lighting, add texture, and add filters –basically changing the mood to the original photo entirely.

Candice, what are some tips/advice you would give to yourself if you started photography all over again? To take online photo classes from photographers that inspire you and that create work that put you in awe.

What was your most memorable shoot/project so far? Probably my mermaid concept shoot. The model was swimming around in a creek at a public park. She looked so real in the setting, I would scream, “mermaid!” and point for the passersby.

Sheeba Magazine April 2015 “Hellenic Dream” by Candice Ghai

How do you choose models to work with? I network with a lot of models through social media and choose the model based on the shoot concept. For instance, if I had an emerald green gown as a wardrobe for a shoot. I look for the right skin tone and hair color that would complement the gown. In this particular case I would go with a model with red hair and pale skin.

How has social media played a role in your photography? Social media has allowed me to connect with so many creatives in my area. I have met the best, designers, models and makeup artist on Facebook. Social media has been a great place for me to share my portfolio/recent works.

Where can fashion professionals see more of your works?




What do you like to do when you are not behind a camera? Then I am not behind the camera, I am planning my next shoot!   I love collaborating with other artist friends to come up with new ideas and concepts for shoots. I sometimes get crafty and make clothing or props for my concept shoots. In the past I have made headdresses out of moss and once made a skirt out of many decks of cards.

Describe yourself in three words please. Energetic, Imaginative and Passionate

What is your life motto? My life motto is to do anything you can to help others in this world. Strive for happiness everyday.

Thank you, Candice.

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