“Modern Neoclassical” by Thierry Bansront

Photographer: Thierry Bansront Models: Clemence Beau, Charlotte Martinet, Laurie Grasset, Ko Miya San, Jade Codino, Gala Hermann, Sophie Cayzac, Nathalie brau Vasconcelos


“I love Neoclassical painting period (like Ingres) but I’m a horrible painter!

I love the colors and lights of this artistic period.

I wanted to catch this render in my photographs and to play with collective consciousness that is being represented by these paintings. With closer look, it is still a photograph and there is nothing that reminds any aspect of the painting (neither style, make-up, set nor accessories). It’s just the perception of colors and lights that brings people’s memories to classical period.

I especially pay tribute to the beauty of women. Far from « clichés » that, sometimes, modern photography like to show us.

Most of the work is during the shooting session. The work on light and model posing is 90% of the final result.

I do not use paint filter or effects software. Just a big color grading work on black and white and on different levels of color.

The idea is to preserve the natural beauty of the models, remaining as simple as possible.”

Thierry Bansront

Location: Uzes, France

Photographer’s website: www.thierrybansront.com

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