“Estatues” by Viviane Gondek of Stúdio Angá

Retouch: Viviane Gondek (Stúdio Angá)  Art direction/Styling: Jhoey Chinalder  Makeup & Hair Stylist: Renato Cezzar  Fashion Assistant: Vivian Kondo  Models: Janete Friedrich (Oca models) and Jhoey Chinalder (Surreal Management)  Designer: Olivia Sanches, Fabrizia Barros  & Jhoey Chinalder

Editorial “Estatues” inspired by the biblical passage of the salt statues, with a modern, dark retelling.  The eyes may become the stone itself abismo. Metade window and other inhuman meat.  It is a reflection of immobility that won us our thoughts always return to a dead past.

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