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I think that attitude is the most vital part of being successful.” – model Cassie Rae

2015 #8 August Cassie Rae Web DONECassie, how and why did you get started modeling? Where are you based? I am currently based in Essex, Saffron Walden to be precise. I very much fell into having a studio shoot which presented me with professional photos that made me see myself in a completely different light. Prior to modelling I was extremely insecure and timid and had never thought of myself as pretty, ever, in fact I was very much convinced I was ugly. I was convinced to post a couple of these photos on ModelMayhem to prove my own opinions otherwise and it snowballed from there, much to my surprise – a response I never expected to get, I got! I got bookings, TF offers and slowly but surely, confidence, and now I am where I am, tootling onward and upwards as a completely different person from what I was those few years ago.

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about being a model? My favourite thing about being a model is that it provides an alternative side to my life. I work a full time job so being a model is my creative escape where I can be whatever I want to be and do whatever I want to do without the constraints of society as a whole. I put so much into my modelling because every moment I do it is precious.
On the other hand, the negative part is keeping this in harmony with my life. The hours I work restricts me to pretty much weekends only which means I have to be so logical and picky about what I take on and what I do. I wish I could afford to work with more people that approach me but with more hard work, I’m sure I will make that happen.

Who is someone you feel has really influenced you? I don’t have a particular someone that has ever influenced me, sounds absurd but true. I would say that I have been influenced by everything around me and everybody that I’ve worked with because each person I meet and shoot with gives me a different insight to how they work and how they view their own work. I was always pretty absent from fashion and photography as a whole until I was actually in the industry so most of my inspiration comes from first hand experiences, from what I do and what I see from others.

That said, I do very much love Bob Carlos Clarke’s work and have a HUGE girl crush on Kate Moss (But doesn’t everyone?)

What do you find the most challenging part about modeling? Staying unique is so challenging. There are so so many people out there which means there are usually people similar looking to you, so you’ve really got to put your all into not only keeping your look on point but fine tuning your style, working your strengths and enhancing your weaknesses to be the best you that you can be. The most dominant people are usually not only gorgeous individuals but special and appealing in their own way!

In your opinion what are your strongest features as a model? Personally I really like my legs and my waist because they are shapely in comparison to my shortness but I am most often complimented on my face shape and especially my cheekbones. I always think this is a question best answered by other people, because I can never actually decide or agree!

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Can you tell us the most exciting shoot that you’ve done? This is a tough one mainly because I am super indecisive. I’ve had exciting shoots in terms of exciting concepts and subjects like working with Milton the 14ft monster albino python or in locations like the old Holborn Derelict Courthouse but at the same time I have had exciting shoots working with people who are simply phenomenal like Photographer Jake Hicks or Designers Sparklewren and Paul Seville.

Which of the projects you have worked on are you most proud of? What is your dream modeling job? I was really proud of my recent organisation for my shoot with Kris Karl where we got to work with a great team and the designers at Gallery 58 (Steph Aman and Paul Seville who are both just stupendous people and designers). It was a concept I had envisioned in my head for so long and seeing it on camera actually happening was just wonderful. Now the shoot is prepped for publication in August which is simply great and I am onto my next plans for big shoots.

Photoshoots are more my thing so as opposed to a dream job, I have dream people I want to work with and would definitely have crazy running about screaming in excitements moments if they agreed to work with me. Photographers like Magic Owen, Nadia Lee, Jeff Tukinemi, John Barone or designers like Fleet Ilya, Orchid Corsetry and Emiah  just to name a few!

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What do you think you would want to be doing if you weren’t a model? What else do you do besides modeling? If I weren’t modelling I’d likely be expanding on my animation/illustration portfolio. I studied animation for 4 years at university but as I found my passion for my drawing dwindling, it expanded in my modelling. Animation has definitely gone on the backburner. I still draw in my spare time but this is coupled with my very general blogging and gaming addiction. Give me a games console, pencil/paints or pretty clothes/lingerie and I can easily be productive with any.

What do you believe is the key to success for a model? What qualities does one need to succeed? I think that attitude is the most vital part of being successful. Being nice, being level headed and doing the as much as you can to be the best version of yourself gets you the furthest in my personal opinion. Half the reason I get booked or re-booked is because I try my hardest to help out on every shoot, be understanding if there are any issues and be as fun to work with as I can.

What role do social media play in your modeling career? Social media keeps my name, or at least my face, out there. Most people recognize me off of social media, it has got to the stage where people I’ve never met will ask if I am ‘that person’ off of Instagram which always makes me smile.

Social media keeps me going. I have different social media outlets for different aspects of my modelling.  It’s great to be able to address all different kinds of people who might want to follow your work for those different reasons. Some people might not be interested in my modelling but like my lingerie reviews on my blog, whereas others might like the photos of the shoots I do. Its nice having the variety and reach with such ease.

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What do you do to stay in shape? Do you eat nutritiously? Do you have a skin care routine? I don’t really have any set routines or anything. I walk for an hour on my lunchbreak when I am at work with a friend and make the effort to walk to whatever I can on weekends or spare time. I eat very healthy anyway, my mum is especially healthy and is a vegetarian so I share the same good eating habits as her really. My main healthy vice is fruit water, I love fruit water, especially grapefruit.

What advice would give to yourself if you started modeling all over again? The first studio day I got was a generic studio day, one of those big branded studio which can be very expensive. Although it was ok, upon reflection it was such a poor standard compared to what independent studios and photographers would have provided me had I known about them. The quality of an independent photographer and studio host is seriously under-valued and should be appreciated more especially if you are looking to start or build a portfolio. It would of most likely helped me a lot more than what I had at the beginning and given me a better leg to stand on than I had.

Where can fashion professionals see your works?


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Describe yourself in three words please. Realistic. Positive. Thoughtful.

What is your life motto? Kindness is free. Spread that stuff EVERYWHERE!

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