Designer Interview: “House of Enid”


“A Dysfunctional Marriage Between Art and Haute Couture”


To begin, where are you based and what is the history of the House of Enid? 

Designer Enid
Designer Enid Almanza

The House of Enid was the result of many years of struggle, frustration, sadness, anger, and the lack of expression I had while growing up. I had so much to say and express but I just wasn’t brave enough to do it, so I had to find a way to express my feelings and emotions while using my creativity. And so I discovered Fashion Photography, which led me to discover story-telling trough the potential of fashion. While starting to play around with Photography I felt the necessity to find something interesting to photograph, something that fulfilled my artistic mind, yet that expressed my individuality, personal opinions and beliefs, that’s when I decided to start creating my own subjects to photograph, I was too young back then to have any kind of budget for my projects, so I started to create with what I had in hand, zippers, clothes pins, wood and metal artifacts, plastic tubing, soda cans, etc.

Then I moved into clothing, working with fabric that I could access at the moment, that’s how I created my first collection which consisted on eight dresses, several glasses and headpieces, and did a fashion editorial photographed by me, which later on was published on a major publication from London including the cover of the magazine, and from that moment it all began.

What is your next biggest project you are working on?

I’m currently working on the development of my new collection that goes by the name of “Creation” this is by far the most challenging and biggest project I’ve ever worked on, see I don’t go by seasons or trends I create from the inside, from what I feel, and once this new collection is fully developed I will have a fashion show in Paris by the end of the year to present it.

“Beautiful Decay” Photo: Cameron Dunham Model: Ndidi Ogah Fashion: House of Enid Creative Director: Enid Almanza

How would you describe your style?

I would say that the style of my House is a dysfunctional marriage between Art and Haute Couture. The style is Futuristic with strong connotations and psychedelic trips.

Where does your inspiration come from?

That’s always a though question to answer, not because I don’t know where it comes from, but because it comes from so many places that it would be impossible for me to mention them all. One of the major influencers of my work is the way society functions, what I see on the streets every day, what makes me angry, what moves me inside, when I see any kind of injustice, weather is racial, economic, moral or any kind of injustice that makes me want to speak out through my work to help generate a change. Another important inspiration for me, is my personal life which since day one led me to create The House of Enid, which was created from a broken heart, and since then, all of my work has been autobiographical it all tells a story that has happened to me at some point.

What motivates and fascinates you most at your work?

I think that one of the most fascinating factors I’ve experience so far is the growth of my work, how much it has grown and how much it has changed but yet still keeps its original essence, which is something very surprising, because this is a fucked up industry and the first thing that they try to make you realize and accept is that you have to compromise your vision in order to succeed, which I’m sorry but that’s complete bullshit, your vision should never be compromised, not for money, not for fame, and not for a social status. I’ve seen people come and go, designers and photographers that want to make it big, but yet all you see in their social media is selfies and pictures in the club, you hardly see any of their work, yet they keep saying how passionate they are about their shit, when your passionate about something, you breath it, you live it, but most importantly, you bleed it.

Small 2
“Blind Divinity” Photo: Enid Almanza Model: Karina Diallo Makeup: Marissa Jimenez Fashion: House of Enid

What do you want your viewers to take away from your works?

I don’t think that, that quite depends on me, I think that if your art, your work, is good enough, then each individual will get the message, or better yet, it will inspire them to create their own story within the work or to they identify themselves with it.

Enid, what kind of feedback do you usually get on your collections?

Its always different, some people hate it, some people love it, there’s no middle term, and some people think it’s too much, others think that it’s pointless, other people think its life changing and innovative, and that’s all fair to me.

Tell us, how does an ordinary day at the House of Enid look like?

Like a tornado just landed. Ha. But I will say that I feel more comfortable in chaotic areas, destruction and disorder can be very inspiring too. From answering emails all day, to sewing and cutting, to loud music and absinthe it’s all part of the atmosphere that is created day by day.

What is the most common process of producing a piece of your design? For example, where does it start at?

It depends on the variables. For dresses it usually starts with sketches, but with glasses and headpieces, which are most significant and important part of the House, it starts differently. I can never sketch a pair of glasses or a headpiece; they are usually created by what I’m feeling at the moment. I just follow my instincts and create, with no rules or guides to follow, just what appears in my mind at the moment, sometimes the idea is a bit more complex and it takes a while longer to complete its process, sometimes it changes right at the middle or at the end of its completion.

What is your goal in general? Where do you see the House of Enid in 5 years time? To have one of the most successfully established fashion houses in the world.

What are your biggest achievements at present date?

That’s thought, I’m lucky enough to say that a lot has been accomplished since the start of this movement, but I will name a few that have definitely change the path of the House. I was recently nominated for an award at this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Film Festival, for my debut film as a director, the film was created for my first collection and played at the beginning of my premiere fashion show in Houston, Texas. That same show its actually one of my biggest achievements as well, because it was a show that only a few people believed in, and it ended up being one of the most successful shows as it was ranked as the #1 show in the state, something never seen before from a debut designer. Other than that, having my pieces being worn by icons like Lady Gaga, or having more than 45 magazine publications world wide and 4 covers, it all matters, but the biggest achievement it’s to be able to wake up every morning and still get the chance to do what I love, nothing beats that.

2015 #5 May ENID spec tear sheet
“The Invention of Emma” by House of Enid

From your own experience, what are the biggest challenges in fashion design world?
Having to compromise your vision, misunderstandings, misjudgments, the lack of money or support to make projects happen, the fact that creativity and originality are slowly dying, and everyone wants to create and replicate the same shit over and over again, and people’s minds are getting used to this state of mind that when they see something different to it or out of the norm, they are quick to say it’s wrong.

Enid, what are some tips you would give to yourself if you started designing all over again?

“Still don’t listen to them, there’s nothing wrong with you” “Your work it’s worth it, learn how to price it right” and right at this moment, “Don’t trust easily, he might be really pretty but he’s just like the last”.

In your opinion, what is the key to the success in fashion world?

There’s no key, it works differently for all of us, but if I could give any advice to younger designers, that would be, to work hard, to be dedicated, to not give a shit about rules, to create something that would make you want to get off bed at 4am just to see it once again.

What is your life motto?

“You are the creator of your own destiny, you are not a victim of your circumstances or of any system”

Thank you, Enid.

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“Illumination”, Photo: Juan Correa Model: Joy Stacey Creative Director: Enid Almanza Fashion: House of Enid


“Cocaine Heart” by House of Enid Photographer: Enid Almanza Model: Marcelas Rivas
“Beautiful Decay” by House of Enid Photo: Cameron Dunham Fashion: House of Enid Creative Director: Enid Almanza

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