IngaSez Presents: “Solstice by Inga” Luxury Swimwear Collection

Life’s too short to wear anything but IngaSez!

“Solstice by Inga” is an Exclusive hand-crafted luxury Swimwear Collection that describes glamour & sophistication of a luxury lifestyle brand. This unique line is created for Savvy Fashionistas that consistently love to stand out. Each style is created distinctively with the imagination of love, romance, beauty, glamour and sophistication.

“Solstice by Inga” is  inspired by romantic getaways and exploring exotic beaches around the world; Creating a sophisticated and intriguing rich look using lace crystals, Swarovski, Czech crystals, gems, beads, pearls, etc..

“Solstice by Inga” can be worn on exotic vacations, yacht parties, romantic cruises, sexy resorts, honeymoons, pool parties, beach parties, video shoots, and much more.

IngaSez designs are inspired by the celebration of an Exotic Beauty and a Luxury Lifestyle.

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CEO & Designer Inga M. walking the catwalk after her collection presentation at Couture Fashion Week.


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