Let’s Open the Magical Box: How to Reveal the Magic in Your Garden

Fairytales may be only in books, but their magic can come to life into the real world. This is something those with gardens understand especially when spring and summer arrive in the busy town. When everything starts to bloom and come to life, it’s time to reveal the magic in your garden. So, here are some ideas on how to open the magical box and surround yourself with gorgeous sights.

Old Furniture as Beautiful Garden Decorations

old furniture as decorations

There is still life in that old furniture. See what pieces you can turn into a DIY project and use it as a beautiful garden decoration. For example, if you have an old instrument like the cello or violin, remove the front and plant colorful flowers inside. Display it in your garden by placing it perched up by the neck with a bow by its and surrounded by more flowers.

On the other hand, you can make a real flower bed with marigolds, geraniums, and daisies. Use the old bed frame as a giant pot and plant various outdoor flowers inside. This is a great way to decorate a large garden full of trees and bring some liveliness into it. To make it more visible at night, add a solar lantern by the bed which will cast a soft glow on the flowers and surrounding greenery.

Give a Home to Wildflowers

Magic is all about returning to nature. Although living in a city can disrupt that connection, you can bring it back by planting wildflowers in your garden. They will attract natural pollinators like bees and butterflies and allow you to help the planet regenerate. These flowers come in various shapes and colors giving your garden wild and untamed look worthy of the fairy folks.

Honeysuckle and foxglove are the most commonly cultivated plants dominating with yellow, white and purple flowers. Wild cherry is also a wonderful way to attract pollinators and especially bees, as well as apple and hazel. Flowery trees are an important part of magical gardens since they help to create a colorful and magical box to hide from the world.

Pebble the Pathways

Reveal the Magic in Your Garden

Magic in your garden is in the details, as well, especially those we easily take for granted like pathways. Use pebbles to build ways through your garden that will lead between trees and among the flowers. Be creative and add some painted pebbles to break the monotony. This playfulness with shapes and shades is very important to create natural visual flow.

Use big rocks to mark the edges of main pathways leading to the house, gate and seating area. That way you will build mystery around the smaller pebbled pathways and give them magical properties.

Spread Fairy Lights All Around

Reveal the Magic in Your Garden

Every dreamy garden needs lights to make it equally beautiful in the evenings as it is during the day. Soft lights with warm bulbs are perfect to create a romantic and comfortable ambiance. You can do this with lanterns and floor lights, but the best effect is with fairy lights.

These string lights are easily spread on the tree branches, bushes or placed in the mason jars on the coffee table. They will make the garden look surreal by gently highlighting the flowers and leaves making you feel as though in another dimension.

A Romantic Seating Area

Reveal the Magic in Your Garden

Every garden needs a seating area so you can marvel at the world around you and breath in the magic. Choose eco-friendly furniture made of recycled or sustainable materials, like bamboo. Magical gardens are all about the coziness, so choose comfortable upholstery in joyful colors. Bright tones like sky blue, gentle pink and yellow will go perfectly with the greenery turning your garden into a fairyland.

Add a pergola above the seating area with opening roof systems for the shade so you can enjoy even the sunniest days outside. Gentle candlelight in the evenings and scents of jasmine flowers will turn your garden into a peaceful haven for stargazing and relaxing.

A Gentle Flowery Garden

Reveal the Magic in Your backyard flowers sheeba magazine

Flowers are always connected to magic and beauty. Rightfully so, since every garden simply looks more lively with blooming blossoms and engulfing flowery scents. However, to go a step further and try to depict the enchantments of fairyland, concentrate on pink and white flowers. Plants like Kalanchoe have gentle pink shade and adore sunlight. This succulent is quite resilient and ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time to tend to their gardens.

A vine with white flowers like ​Million Bells will look amazing as an arch over the gate or around the pergola columns. Consider planting a lilac tree to give layers to your garden especially if it’s small and most of the flowers are in the pots.

In the End

Reveal the Magic in Your backyard sitting area sheeba magazine

Reveal the magic in your garden through flowers, colors, and shapes that will wake up nature and make you part of it. Building a magical garden is more than aesthetical satisfaction, offering peace and sanctuary away from the chaotic everyday scenes. This is the place where you will relax your body and mind, helping nature to live and thrive.

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