Five Things You Can Do To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is as common as cough and cold today. There is a sufferer in every home. Shedding handful of your long, thick, and beautiful hair every time you comb them can be overwhelming. When you are in this phase, it hurts when you see your hair all around you.

While stress causes hair loss, your hair loss might further increase your stress, which in turn affects your hair even more. This is a loop. It mostly seems impossible to come out of it.

However, some ways can prevent your hair loss and help in hair regrowth. No, we are not going to discuss home remedies here. Most of you must have already tried and failed in them. These are the practical methods you need for your hair regrowth treatment to work, and you can consult clinic in hair regrowth treatment Los Angeles CA for further details.

Five Things You Can Do To Prevent Hair Loss

• Seek Help Immediately – As soon as you notice hair thinning and shedding, you should speak to your dermatologist. Your hair regrowth treatment works best when started at the early stages of hair fall. It reduces the chances of permanent hair fall. Your dermatologist can help stop your hair fall and re-grow your hair when contacted at the earliest.

• Get a Personalized Treatment for Yourself That Works – Often, different people suffer from hair loss due to different reasons. It is difficult for an amateur to understand the root cause and treat it. Hence, one should visit a dermatologist and get the root cause diagnosed.

The best hair regrowth treatment works if it is as per an individual’s needs. Your hair loss might be the result of excess release of DHT (di-hydro-testosterone), lack of health supplements, post-partum, or just bad lifestyle.

Treatments for all of these differ. The simple issues are treatable with just a few health supplements and lifestyle corrections. Some serious issues might need a PRP (wherein the platelet-rich plasma is injected to your scalp directly) or hair replacement.

•  Minimize Stress – However, it might sound impossible, reducing stress is essential for your hair regrowth treatment to work. When stressed out, our bodies release hormones that disrupt the hair growth cycle. This results in stopping hair growth and leads them to fall out after a certain period.

Therefore, getting enough rest, regular exercise, following a healthy diet, and avoiding alcohol, drugs, and smoking are some initiations you can do to reduce stress. A light oil massage in your head twice a week can also help in blood circulation and stress reduction.

• Avoid Habits that Cause Hair Fall – Unknowingly, we do many things that result in hair fall. Some of them are – not shampooing enough or shampooing a lot (twice a week is sufficient), being harsh on our hair while drying or combing, applying too many chemicals, a lot of heat treatment are just a few of them. Such habits should be avoided.

• Health Supplements – Various studies have found out that a nutrition-rich healthy diet is good for your overall health. However, with eating habits that we have today, it is almost impractical for us to gain all the nutrients that our bodies need from food.

Five Things You Can Do To Prevent Hair Loss

That is when health supplements come into the picture. For good hair, biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B complex, zinc, protein, ashwagandha, and keratin are some of the nutrients that our bodies need. Talk to your dermatologist about these and add them to your diet now so that hair regrowth treatment can work effectively.

Therefore, you now know that little changes in your lifestyle and diet can help you with your hair problems. So don’t wait further and act on the first point of this article by contacting a dermatologist for your hair regrowth treatment in Los Angeles, CA now.

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