CBD Oil Benefits: How to Make CBD Oil Work Better?

There are many benefits associated with having CBD oil as part of your daily life routine. These benefits take time to realize, and individuals may grow impatient with the substance. However, it is fundamental to know that the effects of THC manifest rather fast in comparison to those of having CBD.

You may be wondering if there is a way to ensure that you reap maximum benefits fast when using CBD. Well, there are a few tricks that you can accompany your CBD intake to ensure that it works better for you. However, since people are different, CBD effects will vary from one to the other. For instance, you may have different characteristics such as genetic makeup, age difference, metabolic processes, and health status, among others. Therefore, it is important to seek advice before using CBD or enhancing its functionalities.

1. Accompany CBD with Fats 

CBD oil benefits

Studies show that CBD works better for individuals if you accompany it with a meal. Foods high in fatty acid contents are most advisable to enhance CBD functionality in the body. For instance, saturated fats such as coconut oil provide the best medium in which to have your CBD due to their high content in fatty acids. The oil is beneficial to the body in enhancing your cardiovascular health, ensuring better immunity, and promoting better brain health or function.

Accompanying quality CBD from CBD oil with a dose of coconut oil improves on its binding processes. Since coconut oil is an excellent binding agent, it makes it easier for the body to absorb the CBD, enhancing its functionalities. Besides, it makes it easy and faster for the liver to assimilate the CBD and all of its potential benefits. Therefore, its effects appear much faster, providing you with quick relief.

Other fatty acids rich oils you can have with your CBD include olive oil, sesame oil, and soybean oil. Foods such as nuts, fish, eggs, the meat of any kind, and fruits such as avocado also make a suitable base for taking CBD.

2. Make it a Routine to Have CBD Oil

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Just like other medications, the prescription indicates that you use that drug continuously for a specific period for it to be effective in delivering the desired outcome. However, taking the allopathy medication just once may have adverse effects resulting in making the situation much worse or no consequences, leaving you the same as you were. Similarly, you have to take CBD in a prescription like a routine to ensure that you achieve maximum benefits.

Wondering why this is the case? The reason behind this is that the body assimilates the CBD much more effectively than when you started. The body can easily derive essential nutrients from CBD from continuous intake regardless of the method you use to ingest it. As a result, it supplements your dietary needs and delivers health and wellness benefits as desired.

3. Consider using water-based CBD products

Online dispensaries provides a wide range of CBD based products. Many of the CBD products come as CBD oil, CBD, with oil as its solvent. Even though fats do accelerate the metabolism of CBD, water-soluble CBD works much faster. As a result, you gain relief much faster by using water-based CBD.

Having CBD oil that is water-soluble, you eliminate the first pass metabolic processes, which indicate the need for further breakdown. Instead, absorption occurs immediately into the bloodstream. Therefore, all of the CBD content goes into the blood, which delivers extensive benefits to the body, including relief from pain or inflammation with additional nutritional benefits.

4. Do Not Ingest, Inhale

benefits of CBD

The variety of cannabis seeds on the market ensures that we have a range of cannabis products to try with our medical challenges or for recreational purposes. Besides, you can have each strain through ingestion or inhalation. However, if you want your CBD to work better and faster for you, inhaling might be the best way to use CBD.

Through inhalation, the body acquires the cannabinoids in your cannabis much faster than in using other methods such as edibles. The reason is the direct absorption of cannabinoids in the lungs directly into the bloodstream. From there, the CBD binds with the endocannabinoid system delivering immense benefits to an individual.

However, it is essential to exercise care with the different methods of inhaling CBD or cannabis. Smoking may have diverse side effects, and so is vaping or dabbing. Before putting any technique into practice, have professional’s advice you on the other methods of using CBD oil.

5. Get Quality and Legitimate CBD Oil

One of the reasons why you may not be witnessing the significant benefits of using CBD oil is that you are purchasing a substandard product. Due to the influx of retailing and production companies for different cannabis products, there are many products on the market that are illegitimate and of low quality. Therefore, before purchasing any CBD oil, ensure you verify its legal information and quality guidelines to ensure you are purchasing a potent product. Select full-spectrum CBD oil for maximum benefits.


CBD benefits vary, and ensuring that you achieve the maximum benefits is an essential factor. However, it might be challenging to do so if you do not practice different ways, increasing its efficiency. With the above methods, you will make your cannabis work best for you.