Why Your Diamond Ring Turns Yellow and Why?

It seems jewelers are running into a bit of trouble with their clients because apparently, diamond rings are turning yellow! Shocking? Not really. This has been a major issue for many diamond owners out there because they checked the diamond, got the certificate, and maybe even got a second opinion from a different diamond jewelry expert.

However, diamonds do not turn yellow unless you have been subjected to radioactive gamma rays from space. Furthermore, investing your money in diamond stones may feel like playing kasyna bez depozytu – I’m kidding, of course. In truth, some chemicals will turn your diamond yellow, but only if the microscopic chance of the perfect combination of chemicals were used to do it.

natural yellow diamond

Now, for those who swear that their diamonds did turn yellow, here is the reason why:

1. It Was Yellow to Begin With

While you may think that you bought a white diamond, there is a chance that you bought a white diamond that has slight color in it. When you buy a diamond at a jewelry store, you usually look at it in the best lighting condition where the yellowish tint can only be seen by an expert.

When you go outside and are exposed to different levels of light, the diamond may look yellower than it is. Depending on the color scale of the diamond, it might still be yellowish even if it’s a J grade color. Check with your seller again or your certification see what the color grade is. You should also factor in clarity and cut when doing so.

why diamonds turn yellow

2. It’s Just the Light

As mentioned before, the environment produces a rainbow of colors and in some instances, yellow or warm light may be predominant such as when the sun sets or if you are in a place that has warm orange or yellow tones. It could even be our Moissanite vs diamond ring setting if it’s a big piece of gold. You may want to consider looking at the diamond again in a clear setting such as the jeweler’s workshop.

3. Chemical Reactions with External Environment

This is the most common reason why diamond really do turn yellow. Some beauty products, hygiene products, or chemicals used at work may be the cause of your diamond turning yellow. There are so many combinations that can lead to your diamond turning yellow. The good news is that reputable diamond sellers already have a system in place that will restore the original color of your diamond. A good seller will also have the basic knowledge and expertise to determine how your diamond turned yellow.

why diamonds turn yellow

4. It Could be a Fake Diamond or a Fake Color Grade

Finally, for those who have no other reason as to why their diamonds are turning yellow, get a second opinion from a different jeweler or two. If you ended up buying a diamond for more than it is worth, you will know once different jewelers form the same opinion that your diamond is not real or if the certificate of your diamond was faked.

In cases like these, it is best to report it to the authorities so you can determine the truth. Note that you should not make a scene about this as it could be a mistake and you just need to review the other reasons we mentioned above.

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