Unique Places To Spend Christmas

The Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year—or at least, that’s what the song says. This is the perfect holiday for the family to come together and enjoy the spirit of the season. Between gift-giving, classic traditions, snowy nights, and more, there’s so much you can do to make this holiday season special and memorable. Of course, the first thing you need to do is figure out where you want to spend your Christmas.

For many, Christmas Day is a morning where you wake up in your home and check to see if Santa Claus left presents under the tree. However, there are so many creative and exciting places where you can spend Christmas that you haven’t even thought of. If you’re looking to spruce things up this year, here are a few fairy tale locations to consider that can make your holiday even more magical.

Decorate your home to be a unique place for the holidays



If you are someone who loves to spend the holidays in the comfort of your own home, you may want to start figuring out ways you can decorate in style and with that extra sparkle. From your Christmas tree to your outdoor decorations, there’s so much you can do to bring that holiday spirit. One of the best options is to add Christmas lights. Use those bulbs to light up your backyard or make your Christmas tree shine. Mini lights, icicle lights, string lights, colored lights—you name it—any type of light can be the durable and beautiful Christmas decor you’re looking for. You can even search for professional installers with years of experience to help hang your outdoor Christmas lights or get the right light set for your commercial spaces. This is an easy way to beautify your home and make it feel like a new place during the holiday season.

Enjoy a tropical Christmas



While many people may picture a snowy white Christmas for the holidays, maybe you want to try something a little more tropical this holiday season. Check out events in Beaufort, Port Royal & the Sea Islands or a Florida vacation to get away for a bit and enjoy some sunshine this Christmas. Trade your evergreens in for palm trees as you get ready to lie on the beach with a Christmas morning cocktail in hand.

Look for locations straight out of a Christmas card



We’ve all seen those cheesy Christmas movies or the painted images of a snowy backdrop in the mountains. Perhaps this year, you want to chase that picturesque, classic Christmas vibe. Consider renting a cabin where all your family can come together to enjoy the holiday season. Imagine waking up with snowy hills behind you as you sit in your rocking chair sipping hot cocoa. Or get that small-town feel as you walk through the local shops and participate in fun traditions. This can be yours when you explore areas in the Blue Ridge Mountains or by Gatlinburg as a way to get that Christmas feel.

Skip Christmas and take a trip to a party city for New Year’s Eve



So many people think of the holiday season and only consider Christmas, but maybe you’re more of a party person who is looking forward to a big New Year’s Eve bash. This can also inform where you want to go for the holidays. Check out a big city that will have awesome festivities for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve a week later. Make it an extended vacation and have fun partying it up in Las Vegas or New York City. This can be another great destination for an exciting, dynamic holiday.

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