Top Utmost Things to do in Melbourne City

A great city has just as much to offer off the beaten path as it does on it, which is why we wanted to make sure that you had an opportunity to explore our beautiful city in this article about what to do in Melbourne City. Whether you’re coming from out of town or already live here, you can find something exciting around every corner! Whether you want to learn about the history of our city or try your hand at arts and crafts, there’s something for everyone. So make sure you have your walking shoes on, and let’s get started!

Melbourne City

1 Check out Planetshakers

When you travel, don’t forget to visit Planetshakers Melbourne Church. Whether you go for religious purposes or out of curiosity, it’s a sight that you can’t miss. Plus, make sure you check out 10 other cool spots while visiting (some are even free!). If nothing else, make sure you grab a coffee at one of these amazing places before hitting up your next destination.

2 Take a tram ride around Melbourne city

Melbourne’s tram system is renowned for its flexibility and efficiency, so why not take a day trip on one of them? Tram 52 is a great way to see both well-known landmarks and hidden gems. You’ll begin at St Kilda Beach, where you can check out Luna Park and explore Acland Street before heading into South Yarra Station. From there, you’ll head east along St Kilda Road, past Parliament House before turning onto Toorak Road. The best part about travelling on tram 52 is that it cuts through many of Melbourne’s major community hubs (Moorabbin Station, Healeys Hotel and Baxter Station) which makes it easy to connect with your fellow church members if they live or work nearby.

3 Hit up Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is located on a historic site within Melbourne’s central business district and boasts an indoor arcade that spans three blocks. At Queen Victoria, you can grab a bite from one of the hundreds of stalls or purchase fresh produce and specialty items from around Australia. If you’re travelling with kids, check out his Bricks 4 Kidz Workshop where kids will build unique LEGO creations using oversized LEGO pieces. Whether you are an adventurous foodie, a music lover or just like to find those one-of-kind gems, there’s something for everyone at Queen Victoria Market!

4 Spend a day at Docklands

Docklands is still a relatively young part of town but it’s already become an established stop for travellers, families and community members. In addition to dining at restaurants like The Duckboard Place, you can also go skating or ice-skating at Docklands Icehouse, visit Madame Brussels salon for a haircut and more. On your days off, check out Planetshakers Melbourne church community gatherings held every Sunday.

5 Enjoy some culture at Federation Square

Federation Square is Australia’s meeting place, a public space where citizens come together to connect and share. In addition to art galleries, it hosts plays, concerts, festivals and events throughout the year. Federation Square offers plenty of indoor shopping with H&M and Zara (two huge international brands) as well as plenty of unique Australian souvenirs at both the Australian Outback Spectacular gift store and the Oz Shop gift store.

6 Have coffee and people-watch at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Sure, it’s touristy, but you won’t find a better spot for watching people and taking photos of Melbourne’s iconic architecture. Spend an hour or two at a coffee shop (like Urbis): Find a place with good wifi, sit outside when it’s warm, and have your laptop out. The vibe is chill—just like church—and there’s plenty of time to work while still enjoying time in one of Australia’s most walkable cities. Go behind the scenes at St. Patrick’s Cathedral: Make sure you buy tickets ahead of time since they tend to sell out quickly (but if you’re stuck on Easter weekend without any plans, there might be some left). Touring St.

7 Do some shopping at Bourke Street Mall

Bourke Street Mall is a central shopping area in Melbourne, filled with boutiques, restaurants and cafes. It’s also home to some of the best brands for clothes, shoes and other accessories. If you’re looking for souvenirs or just something new to wear, Bourke Street Mall is sure to have what you’re looking for. You’ll never be able to see it all in one day so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time!

8 Have an afternoon picnic at Yarra Park near the Malthouse Theatre

Sure, it’s a little bit touristy but one of our favourite spots for an afternoon picnic is at Yarra Park near The Malthouse Theatre. We used to go there all the time while we were studying or working in Southbank and even though there’s not a huge amount of space, you can enjoy a lovely afternoon watching boats on the river while eating your sandwiches (or sushi). Of course, if you want some of that famous Australian sun, head down during summer when there will be plenty! To get there from central Melbourne, take Elizabeth Street and walk until you reach Bourke Street. Turn left at Bourke Street and follow it until you come across The Malthouse Theatre on your right.

9 Go for a run along Albert Park Lake and back on Gardiners Creek Trail (or vice versa)

The park along Albert Park Lake has a full path around it and is great for runners. You can also pick up Gardiners Creek Trail which follows Gardiners Creek all around Port Phillip Bay and down through Southbank on its way back into town. If you get bored of running, there are loads of seats by the lake with views across it. If you prefer cycling, there’s a separate cycle lane that also goes around Albert Park Lake too – though be warned: on warm days cyclists tend to take over most parks!

10 Get together with friends at Kings Domain Gardens’ grassy amphitheatre, known as The Nut

This is a great spot for meeting up with friends and getting some fresh air. Located between St Kilda Road and Kings Way, The Nut is also a great place to relax while watching a band play or just grabbing lunch at one of its many food trucks. If you’re lucky, you might even see street artist Banksy painting on one of his walls (Kings Domain Gardens was part of his 2014 series). Be sure to bring blankets for sitting on the grass. Go take a selfie! The north wall facing onto Flinders Street has been painted by street artists from around the world, including Banksy. Not only will it make for an amazing photo, but it’s also one more reason why Melbourne is considered Australia’s most street art-friendly city.


These are some of the must-visit attractions and activities if you are planning to visit Australia and stop by in Melbourne city. Go out there and have fun, bring back the old you and let your life continue.

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