Japanese Cultural Highlights: Fashion, Tech And Video Games

Japanese fashion

Japanese Fashion

Japanese Fashion style is a mix of both local and international brands. They have a unique type of street fashion style. Some styles are similar to what we would see on haute couture fashion shows. Everything is mostly colourful, layered, and innovative.

When you move to Japan you will see fashion trends range from accessories inspired by anime to wide leg pants, cropped blazers. They also love items made out of leather. The Japanese traditional kimono, as well as various types of headgear are also very popular.

The Harajuku style is synonymous with Japan. Harajuku is a mixture of various sub-style such as Gothic Lolita, Cosplay, Punk Rock, Visual kei and Decora. This style although modern takes from the traditional attire a lot. Things like the kimono and the wooden sandals are what have been derived from traditional styles.

Fashion in Japan is big. The Japanese are able to explore fashion and express themselves through fashion. Their fashion has inspired runways and people across the globe. Apart from Harajuku style fashion, Japanese style have clean lines and military style regalia. Japanese fashion is about being seen, which goes hand in hand with their immaculate skincare obsession.

In terms of fashion designers Japan can brag about Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto. These two hail from Japan. Through their handwork and creativity they have chartered through. They are now known globally. Other Japanese brands which have gone global are Otaku and Uniqlo. A bathing Ape and Undercover are also Japanese brands.


Technology in Japan has developed rapidly. They have become a global leader in this industry. They have also been innovators in information and communications technologies for many years.

Top 5 popular ICT technologies in Japan 2021:

Japan also boasts the world’s most technologically advanced transport systems. Their bullet trains are a force to be reckoned with. The Japanese incorporate cutting-edge technology into their everyday lives. Their technology aims to make their lives easier.

Gamers are definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to the options they have. There are even monumental buildings that they can visit. These gaming areas are physical spaces in which they can have a real-life experience with their favorite game makers.

Places to visit:

Japanese players are spoilt for choice when it comes to the games that they can enjoy. They have many developers who create the most amazing and epic game titles. Avid gamers in Japan always make sure to get hold of the latest releases.

Some popular games that are selling really well include:

    • Game Builder Garage
    • Mario Golf: Super Rush
    • Miitopia
    • Mine Minecraft Switch edition

Japanese fashion video gaming

Video games in Japan

It seems that handheld games have become more popular or more used than consoles in recent years. Japan has laws restricting how much time can be spent playing video games.

The time is up to 60 minutes on weekdays and up to 90 minutes on weekends. These laws were passed in the Kagawa Region. Japan has been a leader in technology and more especially in gaming.

Games such as Classic Sega, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil were created in Japan. In 2014 the gaming market reached $9.6 billion with a large percentage of that revenue brought in by the mobile gaming sector.

While new technology is taking off too, with online casino (such as シークレットカジノ) and virtual reality still in their infancy in terms of development and affordability, but Japan is once again taking the lead with Sony releasing a virtual reality headset that is affordable.

It is safe to say that Japan has played a big role and has had a large and positive impact on the video game industry.

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