How To Choose Your First Vape: The Definitive 5 Step Guide

For the past couple of years, the idea of smoking traditional rolls of cigarettes has not been attractive to smokers; for that reason, the smoking community has started to demand innovation and new smoking methods.

To respond to the high demand for innovation, companies that are in charge of providing smoking methods for the smoking community started to research in order to develop new smoking methods and satisfy the customer segment. Due to this research, companies were able to develop innovative smoking devices that had significant differences when compared to traditional smoking methods.

First of all, the new and innovative smoking devices were called vaporizers – vapes for short. Numerous companies started to produce vaporizers once they were introduced in the market, and they had become a trend. On the other hand, the product line for a vaporizer started to expand, providing people with a wide variety of choices.

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For instance, a smoker will find high-quality vape products by XVapes, and in order to choose the right one for their preferences, they will need to research and find the best one for themselves.

On the other hand, vaporizers are different from other smoking devices because they do not require dried herbs to be able to smoke; rather, vaporizers can be used once people fill the device with an e-liquid. An e-liquid is a specific type of liquid that contains all the ingredients to smoke – alongside having a flavor.

Different types of vapes

As mentioned before, the product line for vaporizers started to increase once companies witnessed the success associated with the device. However, the most significant difference is between the usage purpose that two different types of vapes provide for users.

In other words, companies started to produce reusable and disposable vaporizers – one that can be reused as long as people maintain it accurately, and the other is supposed to be used as long as there is e-liquid inside the device.

The introduction of the different types has allowed people the benefit to experience smoking using a vaporizer without having to invest in the reusable one – which may be more expensive when compared to a disposable one. To further elaborate, a disposable vape is beneficial for those who do not wish to smoke for long periods.

So, before investing in a vape as a beginner, it is important to take into consideration some aspects that are essential to help you find the most fitted type for you.

Choosing your first vape – a 5 step guide:

1 Know which type you want to use

First and foremost, it is important to understand which type of vaporizer is the most fitted one for you. To be able to find which type this is, it is best to understand whether you wish to smoke for a longer period or you just want to go through the experience of using a vape and understand the hype.

Thus, if you want to become a full-time smoker, you will need to invest in a reusable vaporizer to reap the benefits associated with the device.

2 Choose based on your smoking experience level

On the other hand, in order to provide smokers with different features that differentiate one type of vaporizer from the other, companies also added the feature of allowing people to choose how strong they want a hit to be. This customization extends beyond the device itself to the variety of vape juices available in the market. For instance, individuals looking for a milder experience might opt to buy 6mg vape juice with nicotine, allowing them to control the level of nicotine intake in their vaping sessions. In other words, if you are a beginner in smoking, it is best to purchase a vaporizer that has the setting of choosing how strong you wish to smoke a hit.

3 Assign a budget for purchasing the device

Third, be sure to assign a budget for your smoking expenses before purchasing a vaporizer. As there are many devices available in the market, each one has different costs associated with it. For instance, some devices can only be used with a certain type of e-liquid; it may be that the e-liquid bottle that is used to smoke is expensive for you. On the other hand, when using a reusable vape, people are required to change the coil to get a filtered hit.

So, before making a decision on which vaporizer to purchase, be sure to research all of these factors.

4 Taste a couple of flavors before committing to one

Additionally, tasting different flavors before committing to a single one should be a priority because once the reusable vape is filled with a flavor, changing it may be difficult.

5 Understand how the maintenance is done

Finally, when using a reusable vaporizer, there needs to be some maintenance and cleaning methods that you should be aware of in order to increase the device’s life cycle. Thus, be sure to understand how to clean the tool, how constantly you will need to change the coil, etc., in order to enjoy the tool for longer periods.


In conclusion, just like purchasing any other device, researching and finding the most suitable vaporizer for you should be a top priority before making a purchase.

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