7 Steps to Take When Planning a Trip to Florida

Is Florida on your travel bucket list for 2021? You’re not alone.

Florida’s one of the most visited states in the USA and has attracted an increasing number of tourists for the last ten years in a row.

The Sunshine State has it all when it comes to vacationing. Golden beaches beckon to sun worshippers, exciting adventurers await in state parks, and luxury accommodations line the shores of this beautiful place.

Are you excited to join the millions who’ve reveled in these wonderful aspects of a Florida vacation? Not so fast! Read this guide on planning a trip to Florida first.

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1 Put Together a Travel Budget

Clever budgeting means you’ll have more cash to spare and less stress during your Florida vacation.

Start by providing for the big expenses like flights and accommodation. If you’re traveling from nearby, you can skip the flights and take a scenic road trip to your destination instead.

Right now there are plenty of accommodation specials and flight discounts available too, so make it a priority to search for savings while setting up your budget.

Step two is to estimate how much you’ll need every day for meals and transport. Only then can you look at how much you’ve got to spend on enjoying the sights and spoiling yourself with high-end activities.

Remember there are plenty of free activities to enjoy in Florida too – don’t miss out on these.

2 Consider a Package Deal

If you’re new to vacation planning or your last trip ended up being a chaotic and stressful event, why not sign up for a package deal instead. Some of the best places in Florida offer these fully-inclusive vacations.

When you book a package trip, you pay for all your big expenses upfront, so you know from the start how much you’ve got to spend on extras. Some of these budgeted travel offerings include spa treatments, day trips, complimentary tickets to activities, and visits to one of the best hibachi restaurants in Orlando.

If you book a hotel deal, free watersports and daily entertainment are often on the cards too.

3 Plan an Off-Season Visit

When you travel to Florida outside of the busiest times, you’ll save on your accommodation and enjoy cheaper entry fees to parks and sights. You’ll also avoid the crowds.

An off-season vacation means shorter queues, less traffic, which translate into more time to make the most of your time in Florida.

Florida’s quietest times are during late spring and early fall, during March and September. This is when you’ll enjoy the mildest weather too.

Florida’s hot, humid summers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and Spring Break is one of the busiest, noisiest times of the year.

4 Don’t Miss Out on Major Attractions

Thanks to its long history of vacation excellence, Florida’s well equipped to deal with the tourist throngs. The state’s packed with natural attractions and man-made diversions. These are some of the best things to do in Florida:

    • Busch Gardens, Tampa
    • Daytona Speedway
    • Dry Tortugas National Park, Key West
    • Edison and Ford Winter Estates
    • Everglades National Park
    • Miami Beach
    • Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg
    • SeaWorld, Orlando
    • SeaWorld, Orlando
    • The Circus Museum
    • Universal Studios, Orlando
    • Walt Disney World, Orlando

There are many other diversions to suit your specific interests like watersports, fishing, surfing, or hiking. Make a list of your top choices first and then fill in the gaps with extra diversions.

5 Pre-Book Some Tours

One of the best ways to experience the best that Florida has to offer is with curated tours of the sights. These are some of the most popular ones:

      • Marco Island Excursions
      • Kennedy Space Center Tour
      • Seven Mile Bridge & Lighthouse Tour
      • Florida Keys Tours
      • Cruises in beautiful bays and harbors
      • Airboat trips and glass-bottom boat tours

Whichever part of Florida you want to explore, you’ll find someone happy to show you around.

6 Find Centralized Accommodation

Once you’ve worked out an itinerary for your trip, you’ll have a better idea about where to go in Florida to make the most of them.

Refine your search for places to stay in Florida that offer easy access to these activities and sights. You’ll save on transport and time when you can fulfill your hit list close to where you’re staying.

With so many to choose from, it’s easy to find a hotel that meets your budget constraints, while offering attractive extras like swimming pools, restaurants, and free watersports.

7 Get Packing

Once you’ve done all the groundwork, you can start working on the finer details. There are a few things to bear in mind when packing for a Florida vacation.

Remember to pack plenty of sun lotion, a hat, and your shades, you don’t want to spend your precious vacation time nursing a sunburn. While it’s cooler in winter, there’s a good chance Florida’s still a lot sunnier than your home state.

If you’re visiting during the summer, bug spray comes in hand to keep pesky critters at bay.

Bring along all the right gear for your planned adventure. For instance, if you want to go hiking sturdy shoes are a must.

Beach gear’s accepted almost everywhere you go in the coastal cities but pack some smart clothes for nights on the town or formal dining outings too.

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One Last Thing About Planning a Trip to Florida

One of the most important things to remember about planning a trip to Florida is that you shouldn’t over-plan. Leave some time free for relaxing and impromptu activities.

You’ll enjoy yourself so much more if you go with the flow at times.

Keep browsing our blog for more information on how you can truly learn to relax and enjoy your travels.