6 Reasons Why Vaporizers Have Become Popular in 2022

Dry herb vaporizers have become popular in 2022 for several reasons. While smoking cannabis has been around for centuries, vaping is a newer phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Leading head shops like DankStop now offer a great selection of dry herb vaporizers available with just one click. They carry a wide variety of vaporizers, from simple pens to sophisticated desktop units, meaning you can easily find your favorite device, regardless if you’re a novice or an experienced vaper. Here are six reasons why dry herb vaporizers have become so popular:

Vaping Is More Affordable Than Smoking

Reasons Why Vaporizers Have Become Popular

One benefit that dry herb vaporizers provide, and one reason why it has become so popular, is simply that it is much more affordable than smoking. This isn’t something that many people realize, however, if you were to consider how much cannabis is wasted when smoking, it would make sense.

For example, as mentioned above, using combustion as a heating method means that you will be exposing cannabis to high levels of heat. Not only are harmful toxins and carcinogens created, but it also means that a lot of cannabinoids and terpenes are destroyed. In other words, this means that you won’t be receiving as much of the THC or experience. Since dry herb vaporizers don’t do this, you’ll be receiving the full effects of the cannabis, meaning you will be consuming much less.

Vaping Is a Healthier Alternative

One of the first reasons why vaporizers have become so popular in 2022 is because they are a much healthier alternative to smoking. This is because when cannabis is smoked, combustion is used as a heating method. As a result of the high heat that is used for combustion, harmful chemicals and carcinogens are created.

On the other hand, vaping does not create these harmful chemicals and carcinogens since the temperature used to heat the cannabis is nowhere near as high as that of combustion. More importantly, two heating methods can be used, both of which are safe and don’t result in high temperatures.

Vaping Is More Discreet Than Smoking

Another reason why vaporizers have become so popular in 2022 is that using a dry herb vaporizer is much more discreet than smoking. For example, if you were to think of the two most common cannabis consumption methods that involve smoking; joints and bongs, both have drawbacks in terms of being discreet.

Bongs are quite large devices and aren’t easily portable. More so, using one in public or using one, in general, is not something that can be done discreetly. However, if you were to compare this to a dry home vaporizer, which easily fits into your pocket and doesn’t leave behind large clouds of smoke that cling to surfaces, you would already understand the differences in the levels of discreetness.

Vaping Allows You To Customize Your Experience

One of the more influential reasons why dry herb vaporizers have become popular is because they allow you to customize your experience. Firstly, you have a choice of the heating method, which is either convection or conduction. You also have the choice of the temperature that is used, which is very important.

Did you know that by selecting the temperature at which you vaporize cannabis, you can choose the effects that you experience? This is because different cannabinoids and terpenes are activated at different temperatures. In other words, if you are looking for a slight buzz, all you need to do is turn down the temperature, or rather, consume less or a not-so-potent strand.

Vaping Provides More Flavor

Of all the reasons on this list why vaporizers have become popular, especially when compared to traditional methods of consuming cannabis such as smoking, one reason that stands out is the fact that vaping provides much more flavor than smoking does.

This is because, as mentioned above, when combustion is used as a heating method, many terpenes and cannabinoids are destroyed, which results in a lot of lost flavor. When compared to dry herb vaporizers, this is not the case, meaning that the flavor profile of the various strands remains intact.

Vaporizers Are Very Convenient

Finally, the last reason on this list as to why dry herb vaporizers have become so popular is because they are incredibly convenient. Dry herb vaporizers are relatively small devices that can easily fit into any handbag or pocket, meaning that they can be carried anywhere.

In addition to this, since the vapor created by the device does not stay in the air for longer than 20 minutes and isn’t so thick that it sticks to clothing or materials, there is no strong smell of cannabis after use. More importantly, if you were to use a convection vaporizer, you would be able to consume cannabis on the go or take a few puffs whenever you needed to.

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