5 Activities to Make Your Summer Long-Haul Journey More Bearable

We’re into the final straight of summer, so what better send-off than to have an amazing road trip with your besties?!

It’s not often that we get to enjoy warm weather, so it is a great idea to hit the road and explore exciting new places with your favourite people.

Whether you zoom off to the Lake District, Brighton’s Pier, or your local Costco, you’ll want some in-car entertainment for the journey.

Here’s what we suggest…

Summer Long-Haul Journey

1 Carpool Karaoke

Who doesn’t love to pretend they’re a big-name celeb appearing on Carpool Karaoke while having a good old-fashioned singalong in the car? Belting your favourite tunes out with your friends or family is particularly fun if your road trip is en route to a concert but can be fun at any time. Get your microphones ready!

2 Audiobooks and podcasts

There are some fantastic audiobooks slated to be released before the end of the year – immersing yourself in a new story can be a great way to pass the time!

Podcasts are all the rage at the moment, whether it be true crime, sports, news politics, or anything in between. You could even consider starting your podcast or vlogging your road trip adventure for the world to see. The possibilities are endless.

3 Creating a besties book

A great way to have a record of all the great memories you make on the road trip is to create a besties book, including photos and diary entries for all of the fun activities you get up to.

You’ll probably want to take turns driving so that everyone can spend time filling in the book, so ensure that you are covered properly by temporary car insurance if you end up driving a car that is owned by friends or family.

4 Learning a new language

You can find plenty of audiobooks that you can play through the car speakers to help you learn a new language while on the road. You and your friends or family could even test each other as you go along!

5 Have a pub quiz

You might not be in a pub (yet), but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a quiz.

Especially fun if you have a full car, the best way to hold the quiz is for the front seat passenger to assume the role of question master and pull together a list of fiendishly tricky questions for everyone to answer.

There are plenty of great sites online with hundreds of quiz questions that you can access for free.

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