3 Tips to Pack for a Road Trip

While Covid-19 may have ruined many people’s summer plans last year, this year’s summer seems to be holding a lot of promise. Thanks to the vaccine, states across the U.S. are slowly opening up, and a road trip seems like a viable vacation option. A road trip is always a great way to travel interstate without spending excessive amounts on plane tickets.

However, while you don’t have to worry about flight tickets, airport securities, or airline baggage fees, road trips still require a little bit of planning. On that note, here are three tips for packing for a road trip.

1. Pack your outfits wisely


Many road trips last for hours, which means you’ll be sitting for a long time. Therefore, you must make comfort a priority by wearing soft clothes made from breathable fabrics. Avoid items like jeans and tight dresses. Also, avoid light-colored clothing that is uncomfortable and will show stains easily.

Think about all your stops and destinations. Also, consider the activities you have planned out and use them as a guide to picking your outfits. Women should opt for cotton bras and underwear. Wearing a comfortable bra under your garment when embarking on a road trip will improve your comfort level and make you enjoy your trip better.

Furthermore, ensure you carry the right lingerie for every occasion. This includes the classic T-shirt bra or full coverage bra for everyday wear as well as nipple covers, push-up bras, strapless bras, and lace bralette for special occasions. If you need to party in a dress with a revealing neckline or without shoulder straps, these bra selections will give you peace of mind and have you feeling ready to conquer the night.

Also, if you’ll be hitting the gym during your trip, remember to get a racerback bra or sports bra. Regardless of your bra choices, ensure that the band size and bra size are a perfect fit.

2. Pack food and drinks

Food and drinks are road trip essentials you don’t want to forget. For starters, making stops at restaurants or diners when you’re on a road trip can be time-wasting and expensive. Besides, they may not have what you want, especially if you’re on a special diet or tight budget.

The best thing to do is get a cooler and fill it with food and snacks (like grapes and baby carrots) that are easy to eat on the go. Also, you can cut and your fruits, vegetable, and sandwiches into bite-size pieces and store them in individual Ziplocs. Don’t forget to keep the mayo and mustard separate to avoid the bread from getting soggy.

Non-perishables like popcorn, beef jerky, and granola bars are also nutritious and delicious snacks to bring along on a road trip. In addition, if you’re into marijuana seeds, in that case, you can also pack some regular cannabis seeds to spark your adventure spirit and make your trip more exciting.

If you’re unsure of what marijuana strain to choose from, buy a feminized seed variety pack from an online seed bank. This type of seed pack combines different popular strains for people who enjoy sampling different cannabinoid (CBD) strains. This includes Sensi seeds, high THC seeds, and the Indica strain mix pack.

While pairing your favorite cannabis seed with a road trip can be fun and aid relaxation, ensure that you take safety precautions. For starters, do not drive when using CBD but instead, use it when you’ve pulled in for the night to help you relax.

3. Choose the perfect destination


When it comes to road trips, there are typically two kinds of people; those who plan their journey with a destination in mind and those who prefer to go wherever the wind blows. Admittedly, planning a trip without a planned destination can be exciting, but it also exposes you to disappointments. For instance, arriving at a hotel only to realize it’s fully booked.

So, if your adventurous spirit is limited, having a location in mind is a great way to mitigate against disappointments and ensure you enjoy every part of your trip. You can visit recreation.gov for ideas on fantastic locations that you can visit and make an early reservation.

For instance, if you’re traveling from Boston to Maine, the Acadia National Park is an excellent location to hike and immerse yourself in its beautiful cultural heritage. From the Cadillac Mountain Summit road to the Blackwoods Campground and the Coast of Mount Desert Island, there are many activities and beautiful sights to enjoy.

Whether you are traveling with friends, family, or solo, choosing the perfect destination is always the icing on the cake for any road trip. So, ensure that you select a location that everyone will enjoy. For instance, if you’re traveling with family, ensure that there are fun activities for children at your destination.

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