Learn How To Introduce Dog Treats Into Your Training Sessions The Right Way

Taking care of a pet isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to train them and adhere to their physical as well as mental needs. And without a proper plan, things can go wrong pretty soon.

But there’s one particular thing many dog parents struggle with. And that’s how to introduce treats to their dog’s training session the right way.

Studies show that dogs tend to train better when they have a reward to look forward to.

dog treats

Although treats are the perfect way to bring in positive reinforcement for your pup, you wouldn’t want to make him greedy.

If done right, giving treats to your dog can end up making him healthy and well-behaved. Follow along to learn about the best ways to introduce those delicious treats in your dog’s training sessions the right way.

Pick the right treat

Your first step to introducing treats in your dog training session would be to start with the ones that are actually healthy and good for your pooch.

Avoiding it can end up amplifying your dog’s calorie intake and causing certain health problems.

According to vets, it would be a good idea to use your dog’s regular food items as treats. Also, you need to make sure that you pick nutritious foods for your pooch.

For this, you can consider bringing in food items such as bully sticks or beef jerky during your training sessions. This way, you can reward your pup without compromising his health.

Start with smaller treats

It has been noticed that many dog parents use a handful of treats every time their dog does something impressive during the training session.

But that’s just going to make your doggo realize that every time he does something good he will be rewarded with a mouth full of treats.

And that can lead to many health problems such as obesity. So, it would be best to use the smallest treats for your training sessions.

But if your dog becomes less responsive to the smaller proportions of the treats, it would be best to amplify the taste. You can use tiny bits of cooked chicken or string cheese to show your pooch that you are appreciating his good behavior.

dog treats

Do not hand out treats randomly

During the initial training sessions, you might have to hand out treats every time your dog listens to you or follows your command.

But as you progress, it would be best to swap treats with real-life rewards. Eventually, your dog will realize that he would have to be well-behaved all the time to receive his delicious reward.

Not to mention, you wouldn’t have to rely on treats to make your dog respond to your cues.

PS: You would still have to use treats sometimes during the training sessions to keep your dog under the impression that his efforts are being rewarded and valued.

For instance, if your dog learns a new trick instantly, you can first pat his head and say “good boy” and then reward his effort with a jerky.

In the end

Treats are one of the best ways to reward your dog for his good behavior. Use them smartly during your training sessions, and you’ll have a well-behaved dog at your hands.

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