How to Make Designer Coats for Your Dog

Whether you live in the tropics or somewhere it snows, you want your pet dog to look trendy and stylish, just like you are. There are a lot of different types and designs of clothing you can buy online for your fabulous fido, but they might not always fall inside your budget. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your pooch’s fashion.

designer coats for your dog

Instead, explore your creativity to make your furry friend a super adorable sight. We’ve searched the internet and picked out 7 adorable DIY dog coats projects to help you out. Give them the makeover they deserve with these fabulous designer coats:

1. DIY Canine Coat

Do you have a warm coat that you don’t use anymore? Upcycle it to make a warm designer one for your furry friend. It’ll keep your pet snug and comfortable for evening walks out in the snow. All it requires is a few basic tools and a little effort!

Difficulty level: Difficult

Materials Required:

• Pins

• Scissors

• Stitch ripper

• Two 7-inch zippers

• Thick black thread

• Old coat

• Serger and sewing machine


1. Choose an old coat of yours that you don’t need anymore that’s big enough for your dog. Keep the zipper, but remove its elastic waistband, sleeves, and hood.

2. Put the jacket on the dog with the zipper on his/her back. Mark these using pins: a neckline, armholes, and chest. Make sure to leave enough room for non-restrictive movement.

3. If the coat has pockets, add 7-inch zippers onto the edges at the opening of the pocket. This can be used to carry small articles when you head out.

4. Based on your pin markings, sew the torso. Start by connecting the centre front seam to the chest, followed by the bottom of the neck and the chest piece.

5. Turn it inside out and attach the waistbands and the neck.

6. Next, sew the sleeve cuffs to where you’ve marked the armholes. Use a serger after sewing to overlock. That’s all! Your dog’s new coat is ready.



2. DIY No-Sew Pup Jacket

This is another conversion project to customize a human jacket to fit your pup. It will make your beloved pet look absolutely dashing while providing them warmth during the cold winter months. It’s super easy to make and doesn’t use a sewing machine.

Difficulty level: Easy

Materials Required:

• Old fleece shirt

• Measuring tape

• Scissors

• Pins


1. Measure your pet’s girth, neck, chest, and length of back using a measuring tape. Leave a little room for free movement.

2. Mark the length of your pup’s back on the shirt sleeve and cut.

3. If the sleeve cuff is wide enough to accommodate the pup’s neck, let it stay. This becomes a cute collar. If it’s not, cut it off.

4. Cut holes in the sleeve for the puppy’s front paws to fit through.

5. That’s all! Now put it on your pup, and it should fit perfectly! If you’ve removed the cuff, you can roll back the end of the sleeve a little around the neck.

3. DIY Custom Dog T-shirt

Yes – this isn’t technically a coat, but it’s good enough to keep your little pet warm enough during the spring and fall months. You can use any plain-coloured onesie for this. To make it stylish, adorable, and hilarious, you can buy a heat transfer vinyl online and use heat from an iron to stick it on top of the onesie. Overall, it’s quite an inexpensive project, and so you can make your pet dog a whole wardrobe of DIY t-shirts without

Difficulty level: Moderate

Materials Required:

• Scissors

• Onesie with short sleeves

• Pins

• Sewing machine

• Heat-transfer vinyl (optional)

• Cricut Explore or Silhouette machine (optional)


1. Choose an onesie that’s big enough to fit your pet perfectly.

2. Mark a straight line just above the start of the leg seams and cut it off. Now your onesie looks like a small t-shirt. If your dog has a smaller body, you can cut even higher up.

3. Now fold along the cut edge twice, about a quarter-inch each time and sew it to prevent unravelling.

4. If you have some heat transfer vinyl, design a funny slogan and cut it out on the sheet using a Silhouette or Cricut Explore machine.

5. Place this where you want it to go on the shirt and iron over it for about 30 seconds each side.

6. Once it’s cooled, your pet’s designer t-shirt coat is good to go!

4. DIY Chic Dog Sweater

designer coats for your dog

There are two ways by which we can use old sweaters: either donate it to Goodwill or upcycle it to make your pet dog, particularly adorable and chic outerwear. If you’re in the mood for the latter option – we’ve got you covered. This easy DIY project guides you through the steps of making that transformation to keep your precious little dog feeling snug and warm this winter.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Materials Required:

• Buttons and bling

• Trim (optional)

• Ribbon

• Old sweater

• Scissors

• Sewing machine


1. Measure around your dog’s waist and neck.

2. Cut out the bottom half of your pattern according to the waist measurement and the top half according to the neck. Cut out the sleeves separately.

3. Sew the belly portion and the back together on one side.

4. If you have a trim, you can add it around the neck.

5. Now sew the other side. Add bling, buttons and a ribbon along the middle to give it a designer touch. And that’s all! Your dog will look like it’s wearing the latest in fashion from a designer store.


5. DIY Sock Sweater

Have an old winter sock you don’t need? Convert it into a sweater and hat for your tiny canine so they can ring in the winter season with style. It’s quite functional – it protects your furry friend from the cold winds and snow, while also making a fashion statement. If possible, use an old argyle with fun colours and bold patterns to make it extra fabulous.

Difficulty level: Easy

Materials Required:

• An old winter sock

• Scissors

• Marker/ Sharpie


1. If it’s a long sock, cut off the leg part as you won’t be needing.

2. Using your marker, draw a line across the toe part of the sock and cut it off. On this cut piece, mark a line to make slits for the ears about three-quarters from one side. This will become the hat.

3. Now make a small fold near the heel and make a cut big enough for the dog’s legs to fit through.

4. Try it on your pet to see if any final adjustments need to be made.

5. If it all looks good, hem in the rims to avoid fraying. And you’re done! Isn’t this such an easy and fun way to keep your pet warm and stylish?


And there you have it! These seven unique ways to make designer coats for your pet dog are fun projects you can take on without having any prior experience or particular skill (like crocheting or knitting). These adorable pooch coats will definitely get your pet praises and pats, and you won’t even be spending a lot of money either.

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