How To Create Healthy Desserts This New Year

As you step closer to the New Year, you will want to ring it in on a sweet note. There isn’t a better way to do it than preparing your favorite dessert at home. But you will probably want to skip the high-sugar and high-fat recipes after the Christmas indulgences. Luckily, there are ways to fine-tune the traditional dessert recipes and cook them the healthy way. Alternatively, you can get creative and try a new one with unconventional ingredients. Here are some ideas that can make your celebrations sweet and healthy this New Year.

healthy dessert

Substitute white flour

The best place to start is by switching white flour in your recipe with whole wheat flour, as it can make your dessert lighter and healthful. Almond flour is another excellent option for those sensitive or allergic to gluten. Whole wheat flour is high in fiber, while almond flour offers a hefty supply of protein. You may even mix them with white flour to get the best of both worlds in your dessert.

Cut down the sugar and fat

It is hard to imagine your favorite New Year cakes and cookies without pounds of cream and sugar. But you can try reworking the recipes to steer clear of these ingredients without compromising the taste. You can experiment with different ratios using smaller quantities. A little effort can take you a long way, and you probably master a new recipe sooner rather than later.

Use natural sweeteners

Reducing the quantity of sugar in your recipes can take some work, as you will have to take a hit-and-trial approach to find the perfect consistency. But you can mix a healthy dessert the easy way by opting for natural sweeteners. Using seasonal fruits is a good idea, while cinnamon can bring a sweet zing. You can order premium organic dates from Bateel this season. Dates have a subtle caramel-like taste that takes the flavor to the next level. These natural ingredients add nutrients and antioxidants to your dessert.

Invest in the latest gadgets

Making your desserts healthy is also about changing your cooking techniques. Opt for baked sweets this year or look for a healthier cooking technique. For example, you can consider using an air-fryer for your doughnuts instead of deep-frying them. Use non-stick pots, pans, and baking dishes to minimize the use of oil in your kitchen. Consider these gadgets as a New Year’s gift for yourself as they can give you a fresh start with healthy cooking.

Find recipe inspirations

Experimenting with healthier alternatives requires some creativity, but you may not succeed every time. You can look around for recipe inspirations to try something different this New Year. Start by going through recipe books and blogs, check cooking shows, and share ideas with friends and colleagues. Spend time brainstorming and reworking these ideas to create delicious and healthy desserts this party season.

Desserts tend to be high in sugar and fats, so you cannot expect them to be healthy. But small tweaks can do the magic without compromising their taste and texture. Try these ideas to make them the healthiest this New Year.

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