How To Organise Photo Albums: 6 Layout Suggestions

To ensure that your beautiful personalised photo albums are enjoyable to view and unputdownable, it’s worth talking a little time over your layout presentation. The viewing experience should maintain an element of suspense, if you want the pages of your photo album to keep turning.

There are many ways in which you can arrange your photographs in stylish luxury photo albums, so that they encourage the viewer to browse from start to finish. If you usually fill up your photo books by randomly scattering snaps or piling images up in a montage, check out our 6 photo album ideas to create a wow factor professional quality design.

1 Chronological Coordination

Organise Photo Albums
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One of the most popular, and easiest, photo album ideas is to organise your photos and show them off in chronological order. This versatile layout suggestion can be used in a variety of different ways, including themed, documentary and story telling spreads in stunning photo albums. When you organise and arrange chronologically, each photograph should hold the viewer’s attention as you build up the suspense.

Before you get started, it’s helpful to sort out all of the pictures that you want to feature in the photo book. You can do this manually with physical photos, or sort digital images in folders and files on a computer. When you’re ready to lay them out, simple start at the beginning.

2 Thematic Display

Grouping a selection of photos is an effective way of creating a themed layout. Thematic displays are often professionally used for aesthetic or documentary purposes. It’s a great way to present a personalised travel photo album, or a photo book that is filled with images of a special occasion or event, like a wedding, birthday or anniversary.

Organise Photo Albums
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Your thematic layout design can incorporate text – like comments, captions and anecdotes – and also decorative elements such as calligraphy. You can even play around with your design skills, and present the photographs in different shapes to perfectly fit the pages of your themed layouts.

3 Story Telling

Bespoke photo albums that combine text and images are often used for modern day story telling purposes. Many couples that tie the knot organise their wedding photos, in luxury photo albums, so that the stunning captured images tell a romantic love story.

If you’d like to organise your favourite photos in this way, don’t forget to pay attention to the album’s soft or hardback cover. The photograph that’s featured on the front sets the scene for the entire story.

Organise Photo Albums
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Your lead image (the first photo inside the photo album) should ideally also be strong enough to persuade the viewer to take a look inside the customised photo album.

The final photograph in the layout of your story telling photo album obviously ends the tale. It should therefore make a powerful impact and leave a lasting impression.

4 Photo Sequences

If you’re keen to explore new photo album ideas, you could try organising your favourite images in photo sequence layouts. This type of creative photo album layout is most effective in themed personalised photo books that feature a decent amount of close-up shots and portraits, and/or immersive landscapes.

Organise Photo Albums
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Layouts that feature photo sequences give the viewer a feeling of being drawn into the heart of the action. You can create a dynamic layout by presenting a dramatic close-up shot next to a large full-page photograph. Use the colours in the photos as a tool to make your layout even more visually appealing. Complementary colours combined together across a double page spread can create an exciting stylistic impact.

Don’t forget to use the 60-40 rule when arranging your images in photo sequences. To balance out a double page layout like a pro, 60 percent of the image should be on left-hand page, with 40 percent on the right.

5 Documentary Style

For a documentary style photo album layout, it’s essential that you include a sprinkling of informative text that adds another dimension to the image. Include captions and comments that help strengthen the memory, and bring your favourite photographs to life. Add information that is relevant to what the viewer is looking at on the page.

ideas to organise photos
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Keep your text consistent by sticking to the same font style and size across all of the pages of your documentary photo albums. Try to avoid getting carried away and adding too much text, as a great picture is worth a thousand words.

Carefully organised and arranged photos presented in beautiful documentary style layouts can dramatically transform the appeal of a travel themed photo album. This layout is ideal if you’re avid traveller with a keen interest in photography. By collating all of your travel photos you can create a stylish and unique coffee table look-book.

6 Artistic Balance

If you’ve already tried out all of the previously mentioned photo album ideas you could always opt to exercise your creative talents, by organising your photographs using artistic balance. Instead of filling up every available bit of space in your personalised photo albums, use the less is more approach.

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Use backgrounds and borders sparingly, and keep text to a minimum so that you can draw attention to the stunning images. Position photos with spaces in between them, so that the layout looks evenly balanced. It’s also a good idea to contrast ‘busy’ spreads that show off a variety of snaps with pages that include empty white spaces.

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