How Does Fender Play Compare to Other Online Guitar Lessons?

Making a decision to play the guitar goes beyond picking up the instrument. It’s a commitment that involves a lot of money and time. The learning process is gradual but a lot can be achieved in a short time if you have the right teacher and practice techniques. Online guitar lessons have become the norm in the industry. The lessons are a great adjunct to physical classes but in some cases they are a comprehensive sole solution to anyone looking to learn the guitar. The online lessons offer numerous benefits to both students and trainers but settling on the best learning platform is difficult. Fender Play is offers some of the best online guitar lessons. It’s one of the biggest guitar learning platforms on the internet with great reviews from both amateurs and advanced players. This is how the platform compares to other online guitar lessons.

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If you want to learn an instrument you must invest. Online guitar lessons come as both free and paid packages. The former are common on platforms like YouTube where instructors post free lessons. However, you get what you pay for. Free classes are not the best, especially for beginners. Since there is no compensation for the transfer of skills, students are left to fend for themselves. There is no room for questions or clarifications. Moreover, not much effort is put to maximize the quality of the lessons. On the other hand, there are online guitar lessons that are highly inflated with little to no value on skill transfer. Fender Play gives great value for money. It costs $9.99 for a one month subscription and $89.99 for a 12-month plan. The cost is affordable and the quality of tutoring is top notch. Lessons are designed to maximize on progress and it doesn’t take long for users to appreciate returns on their investment

Learning Approach

Fender Play offers an excellent learning program for anyone looking to learn the guitar. Unlike other online guitar lessons, Fender Play offers objective learning. Skills are introduced gradually and your progress is tracked through the entire course. Lessons are structured based on progress and experience level.  Each lesson is packaged in a palatable format taking into account the complexity of the lesson and the objectives. Fender Play offers bite-sized tutorials as opposed to long, complex sessions. This ensures students have enough time to learn and practice. Moreover, the structure of the lessons and the curriculum is developed by a panel of education advisors from world renowned music programs. The instructors come with years of experience in both playing and teaching. There is no compromise on the quality of training available on Fender Play.




Unlike other online guitar lessons, Fender Play offers users unlimited access to a lot of resources. Aside from the skill based lessons, learners have access to song tutorials. New songs are added every week to the massive song library that covers all genres. Educational articles and informative editorial content are also available on the platform and make for good reads during breaks. You can get information on how to take care of your guitar or choose the right guitar pick. Fender Play also offers free apps, like Tune and Tone, to enhance your guitar experience.


One unique feature of Fender Play is the online community it has created. As a beginner, you have access to an active community where you can share your journey with fellow players. Members also receive practice tips, exclusive content and live weekly sessions with Fender Play instructors. The online community is great for motivation and makes the learning experience fun.

Fender Play is a great place for anyone looking to learn how to play the guitar. It’s worlds apart from most online guitar lessons and offers an effective learning approach. With Fender Play you will be playing your favourite guitar pieces in no time.

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