How Do Models Lose 5lb Weight In One Week?

Technological advancements and ease of living have aided in transitioning our world into a sedentary one.

With everything available at the touch of a button, we have fallen to unhealthy lifestyles that are leading to long term ailments, most of which can be easily prevented by adopting a healthier approach to living life.

Weight loss is an important step towards getting fitter not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. An appreciation for our body is important to love ourselves, which makes us more holistic and empathetic individuals.

Losing weight seems like an unwinnable battle to most of us. It is without a doubt, a long and arduous process, which requires grit, will, and fierce dedication.

Do Models Lose Weight

Supplements that burn fat can be helpful as these are almost always safe, and you find the best fat burners here.

However, the road to fitness starts with not just one but multiple simple adjustments in your lifestyle, which guarantee visible positive results in a day!

While it is not possible to undergo a complete physical transformation in 24 hours alone, here are some tips which are guaranteed to make you feel lighter and skinnier in a day:

1. Avoid Midnight Snacking

Having a midnight snack before bed is a habit most of us are guilty of harbouring. It is a habit that is best to be avoided if you wish to wake up with fewer pounds the following morning.

Studies confirm that eating right before bed causes the food to be stored within your body rather than being burnt off, which in turn makes you feel bloated the next morning.

This does not mean that one should starve themselves deliberately either. Instead, the ideal pattern to follow is to have ample time between nibbling at your last snack and going to bed in order to allow your body to digest your food.

A study found that mice who ate at set times during the day had 70 percent fewer fatty deposits that the mice who ate throughout the day and night.

Moreover, over-burdening your digestive organs while they are meant to rest leads to experiencing stodginess and heaviness the following day.

Try to enjoy a lighter and healthier snack at least an hour before bed to allow your stomach time to digest your food properly.

Do Models Lose Weight

2. Choose Foods that are Healthy

‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’.

While it is indeed extremely important to regulate when you eat during the day, it is much more important to regulate what you eat. Choosing light and easily digestible foods over rich and heavy meals can go a long way in helping you achieve slimness overnight.

It’s best to avoid complex carbohydrates and red meat, in addition to high saturated fatty foods. It is better to stick to simple and plain foods like pulses, chapattis, spinach, etc, as it’s breezier for your body when it’s digesting them.

Saying no to high fat and sugary foods before bed will prevent storage of food as fat as well as help your sleep. Energy is released quickly from these foods which may increase your blood sugar, and they may keep you awake for longer durations.

Controlling your portion sizes may also assist you in your quest to lose weight.

3. Evening Exercise

A common concern against exercising in the evening is that it may disrupt your sleep if you don’t relax appropriately afterwards. However, it can be very beneficial to your metabolism if you can squeeze in a quick workout before bed.

Exercise can lift your spirits due to the release of endorphins, reduce stress, and increase your chances of waking up slimmer.

Exercising gives you confidence, makes you feel fitter and slimmer. Furthermore, it highly improves digestion, which in turn boosts blood flow and burns fats and calories and they don’t get stored overnight in your body.

The most important objective that is achieved by exercising is the assurance that you are in control of your body and fitness.

4. Weight Loss Supplements

When you are trying to lose those inches, you might feel like being stuck in a vicious circle. Everytime you cheat on your meal or don’t exercise, you lose motivation and belief. In such a situation, taking a weight loss supplement like PhenQ or Leptitox might not be such a bad idea. However make sure that you go for an all natural supplement.

According to experts at FitnessVolt, HiiT workouts with the best pre-workout can also help you to achieve your fitness goals.

5. Push Yourself

Aim to push yourself a little bit harder than you would normally when you head to the gym. It is important to challenge yourself frequently.

This will not only give you an adrenaline high, but you’ll also end up burning more calories than usual. This sudden burst of energy will boost your metabolism.

Higher the intensity and frequency of your workouts, the quicker you will see effective results. It is a well known fact that it takes at least 4 weeks of exercise to see a change in your body, however it is important to lock in a healthy habit to see immediate results.

Do Models Lose Weight

6. Setting a Routine

Most of us tend to stay up late to binge watch our favourite shows or to surf the web till we get bored, but these activities cut into your sleep time which is absolutely vital for weight loss. The importance of uninterrupted 8 hours of sound sleep cannot be understated.

The University of Chicago concluded in a study that people who received 8 hours of sleep burned considerably more fats that the people who did not, despite having the same diet.

An environment of disciplined lifestyle is more suited for losing weight. It is important to set a routine and follow it religiously. This will prepare your body for an efficient slumber whilst aiding your weight loss pursuits.

7. Say no to Alcohol

The joy of finally unwinding after a long day with a glass of wine or a refreshing pint of beer, but alcohol can prove to be detrimental to your weight loss pursuits as they contain a lot of calories, and can make you feel bloated.

Alcohol usually contains copious amounts of calories and sugars, which won’t be burnt off through the night, further encouraging your body to store the fats and feel tubby in the morning. As most alcoholic drinks contain 7 calories per gram, they are not your waistline’s best friend, and best skipped when the aim is to lose weight.

8. Keep Hydrated

To prevent water retention and bloating which typically occur when your body is lacking vital fluids, it is essential to stay hydrated.

You should ideally drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to aid your body in losing weight.

Suggested beverages are herbal teas such as peppermint, green and chamomile which are hydrating and aid digestion, whilst also acting as a relaxant.

9. Meditate

Many studies show that when you start believing that you’re losing weight, the results will appear more quickly. Stress is often linked with body image issues relating to being overweight, leading to eating out of emotions and an increase in the production of the hormone ghrelin that stimulates appetite.

Meditation or yoga are great in aiding flexibility, decreasing heart rate and helping relaxation before bed.


You must remember to be patient while attempting to lose weight. It is important to not stress out, as that is counterproductive to the whole weight loss process. You must also rely only on natural and healthy methods to get slimmer. Most essentially, you should believe in yourself and be confident that you will be successful in accomplishing anything that you set your mind to!






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