How Can a Witness Support Your Car Accident Claim?

Katy is a city in Texas located at the three border intersections of Waller, Fort Bend, and Harries counties. The city is also part of the Greater Houston metropolitan area.

As per the latest accident stats, Houston recorded around 188 accidents each day on average. If you are a victim, immediately contact a Katy car accident lawyer to discuss future action and file for damages.

car accident witness

Importance of Having a Car Accident Witness

If the car accident happened within the city limits or at the intersections, you would find many witnesses of the accident. Texas is not a no-fault state. It means the driver responsible for the car accident is liable to pay for the damages and injuries of people involved in the accident.

When you are involved in a car accident, the first question you may hear from the insurance adjuster is whether any witnesses besides drivers support your claim. The residents of Katy Hockley road have witnessed several accidents during their lifetime. According to recent data, one person died in a fatal accident in 2011 on the Katy Hockley road. The driver who caused the accident was drunk.

The insurance adjuster knows both drivers involved in the accident will blame each other and have their version of events and a story to tell. In most cases, the insurance adjuster values the statements of third-party witnesses to arrive at a decision. Here are some ways in which a witness can support your car accident claim.

Support Your Claims of Innocence

As per Texas laws, the court will dismiss your compensation claim if the judge finds you guilty. An eyewitness can explain the events that caused the accident that would be enough to prove you were not at fault. The witness can give details of the speeds of both cars and their positions when they crashed.

Support Claims of Guilt

Texas has not adopted a pure comparative fault rule. If the accident victim has less than 50% fault, he can recover money for an injury claim. If you were at minor fault in the accident, the witness statements could be helpful to prove the other party was at more fault in the accident. It will help your lawyer file an injury claim.

Support Claims of Injury

A Katy car accident lawyer can also use witness statements to prove your injuries. After listening to the witness statements, the court will ascertain that the injuries on your body are caused by accident. Also, the witness statements will help the court determine the injuries are severe and painful, as mentioned by the injured party.

Discredit Injury

The defendant party can also have claims of injuries. However, your witness statements might be enough to discredit the injuries of the defendant’s party. For example, your witness statement that the driver of another car walked around after the accident could be used to prove the defendant’s party is not truthful in their claims.

To sum up, having a witness in a car accident can help strengthen your claim. However, it would help if you told the car accident lawyer about your witness so he can use it to get you adequate compensation.

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