Why it Makes Sense to Switch to Solar Energy in Australia

We are currently in the middle of a climate crisis, which is partly caused by the endless burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity; power stations pump out carbon emissions day and night in order that you can turn on your lights and cook the Sunday Roast. We are slowly moving away from the Industrial Revolution that served us so well; electric vehicles will eventually replace the internal combustion engine, while solar energy is also forging ahead and one of the best locations on the planet to harvest solar power is the Land Down Under.

solar energy

Clean & renewable energy

With your ducted air conditioning running on solar, you won’t have to switch it off; with the right system, you can get all your power needs from the sun’s rays. A leading solar panel supplier can design the perfect system with batteries to store energy; at current prices, you can expect to recoup your investment in just 5 years! No more dreading the electric bill arriving; you can even sell any excess electricity to the National Grid.

Government incentives

At present, the Australian federal government offers home and businessowners financial incentives to switch to solar power; it is their goal to totally eradicate all fossil fuel power stations by 2030. Let’s face it, we have more sunshine hours per year than almost every country and such if the tech, solar panels can harvest on a cloudy day. When you approach a solar panel supplier, they have a wealth of experience in helping customers to obtain government grants and can fill in the forms on your behalf. It is important to use a government-approved solar panel supplier, otherwise you might not be able to receive a grant. Click here to find out why coffee is Australia’s favourite drink.

Be part of the solution

Once you are harvesting solar energy, you are no longer part of the problem, rather you are part of the solution and this is a nice feeling and motivation for your neighbours and friends. If you are serious about your carbon footprint, you should crunch the numbers and see if solar panels are viable. Prices have dropped considerably in the past few years, while quality is top-notch. The lithium-ion batteries are a critical component to store the harvested energy and from the central control panel, you can switch from battery to panel at any time.

Imagine not having to worry about having the a/c on 24/7! Yes, installing a solar energy system in your home is never going to be cheap, but you will recoup the investment in just a few years and it is free energy from then on!

While you are in the process of replacing your climate control system to an HVAC split system, it makes sense to look into solar panels with a view to going energy independent.

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