What is an Ottoman Bench?

Interior design has grown more popular, and an increasing number of people are looking to switch up the aesthetic in their houses entirely. The inside of your house can significantly affect your general mood and lifestyle.

If you’re living in a house that you love the design of, you’re likely to be happier in general. But everyone wants their house to have its own unique style, so maybe searching for some more quirky and unique furniture would do you some good!

An Ottoman Bench can be a great addition to your home. With many different purposes and styles to choose from, you can be sure to pick one out that would fit your style.

ottoman bench

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You may have already seen an Ottoman Bench before, but you don’t recognize the name. Knowing exactly what an Ottoman Bench is will help you search for it online and in-store. Read on to find more about Ottomans and how an Ottoman bench can benefit your home.

What is an Ottoman Bench?

ottoman bench

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A traditional Ottoman is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that usually allows both seating and storage. Usually, they won’t have a back or armrest. The most popular types of ottomans are upholstered cubes that usually reside next to a sofa.

An Ottoman Bench is slightly different and will be longer than traditional ottomans. This allows more seating space since multiple people can sit on the bench simultaneously. Furthermore, if your Ottoman Bench has a storage option, it’s likely to have more storage than standard Ottomans.

Benefits of Buying an Ottoman Bench

Easy storage space

Ottoman Benches are a simple way of increasing the storage space in your living room. If you’re not looking to get a large, clunky storage cabinet, then an Ottoman Bench is a great idea.

Storage from the benches is also easily accessible. All you need to do is move the person that’s sat on it! There’s no need to place things in tucked-away cupboards in the corners of the room that are hard to reach.


You have so many different options with an Ottoman Bench. The most obvious ones are extra seating and storage, but there are other ways you can incorporate an Ottoman Bench into your living room.

If your bench is wide enough, you could use it as a central coffee table in your room. You could even try and get one that is a similar color to your sofas and use it as an extension to the sofa.

Improving your posture

This is a more practical benefit to getting yourself an Ottoman Bench. Using it as a footrest, you can improve your posture and reduce back pain caused by poor posture.

Finding an Ottoman Benches

Ottomans are pretty popular, so you’ll often encounter them on your searches. However, finding Ottoman Benches may be more difficult as they are less popular.

If you look hard enough, there will still be a wide range of Ottoman Benches. For a range of stunning and sturdy Ottoman Benches, please take a look at the Clad Homes Ottoman Bench Collection.

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