What is a Universal Remote & How Does it Work?

Do you ever get frustrated with the number of remotes that you have? This is an incredibly common frustration these days, as many people will own multiple remotes to control the television, sound system, satellite box, games console, and various other devices. Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue – a universal remote. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Universal Remote?

what is universal remote control

A universal remote is a device that consolidates the controls of all of your other remotes into one device. A universal remote allows you to easily control all aspects of your home entertainment without the need for fiddling around with multiple remotes. Universal remotes work with the use of infrared signals and preprogrammed codes with the ability to “learn” commands from original remotes. As with other remotes, they are battery-powered using battery holders, which means that they are portable (just make sure that you don’t lose it!).

Learning & Multi-Brand Remotes

What is so impressive about universal remotes is the fact that they can learn controls, and you can incorporate remotes from various different manufacturers into one device. The universal remote mimics the signals sent by the original remotes, allowing the universal remote to control TVs, sound systems, DVD players, and any other electronic item that uses a remote.

Types of Universal Remotes

You should also know that there are a number of different types of universal remotes that are available to consumers. A basic universal remote is the most affordable option and often comes preprogrammed for popular devices. There are then advanced universal remotes, which often have more features and the ability to customize controls. Advanced universal remotes sometimes also have touchscreens with virtual buttons that can be customized to suit your preferences.

Another type of universal remote that is popular is a smartphone universal remote, which allows you to turn your phone or tablet into a remote by connecting to devices via Wi-Fi. There are also voice-activated universal remotes that allow you to control devices in your home with voice commands, which eliminates the need to use a remote at all. Universal remote hubs, meanwhile, can enable you to control various smart home devices as well as your home entertainment equipment – these usually require a hub device that connects to your home network.

With a universal remote, the days of fiddling around with dozens of different remotes are over! A universal remote allows you to control your home entertainment and often other devices in your home in one handy device. This can simplify the process of managing your home entertainment devices and eliminate the need to keep dozens of different remotes. These impressive devices use clever and advanced tech that could make a big difference to your life at home.

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