Prepare your Residence for the Changing Season

Changes in season calls for preparing your home for the new weather. You see, now the nights will draw in faster, and the menus at restaurants and coffee houses begin to add pumpkin-spice flavors for the onset of autumn. The transition from summer is a beautiful time.

However, it also means you must work on your home to prepare it for the changing weather. The summer drapes must be changed, the gutters need cleaning, and you must ensure structural safety.

changing season

So, what should you consider doing to prepare the home for the changing seasons? Well, we have the answer ready for you. This article mentions a checklist of things to help you be fully prepared. Read on to find out how to ensure your home keeps functioning well throughout the year.

1 Pest Control

Whether the season is transitioning from summer to autumn or spring to summer, every homeowner must check for pests in their home. Mold buildup, termites, and other bacteria are commonly found on the roofs of houses, kitchen cabinets, and doors near the lawn.

Therefore, pest management experts suggest calling professionals if you find signs such as wooden shelves crippling out, dampness in the walls, moisture in roofs, and more. It is a clear indication that your house has mildew and pests. Thus, it would help if you got rid of them. Professionals use chemicals and equipment to destroy pests and give you a clean pest-free home.

2 Cleanse the gutters

Gutters require timely maintenance and cleaning to function well. The professionals may suggest replacing the gutters for better functioning if you have an old home. On the other hand, a newly built house will need professional cleaning for the channels.

It is suggested to scoop out the debris, dead leaves, and any other residue left after the rainwater drains out. If you notice the water is still going down the drain slowly, you must call the professionals to check if there is anything stuck on the inlines of the gutter. It may be time to replace the gutters if you notice peeling rust, cracks, or misaligned segments.

3 De-lint the dryer vents

Did you know you could get an electric shock if you do not de-lint the dryer vents? Well, it is true. Dry air boosts static electricity; thus, it can cause a massive problem in the laundry room. You or your family members, including kids, can be at risk of getting an electric shock.

So, make it a habit to cleanse the laundry room along with the laundry equipment every changing season. Also, check the wiring and ensure it is all fine. Generally, the summer heat loosens the wires, and they can break. Therefore, run a complete check for your safety, and change the cables if required.

4 Run maintenance and service for HVAC

Come winter comes the season of using heating systems. So, before the onset of winter, prepare your home to keep you warm and cozy in the extreme winter months. It is essential to get maintenance and service for your HVAC units. Pollutants may have been stuck in the HVAC pipes.

So, professional servicing and maintenance can ease your task. If the professionals find any issues in the air filters, wiring, or anything else, they will repair things accordingly. One important point to cover while preparing your home for winter maintenance.

5 Deep cleanse the house

We never consider autumn an excellent time to deep clean the house. But, when given a thought, it is a great way to ensure your home gets deep cleaning twice a year. So, take up the task, clean the windows and doors, and dust the place you commonly forget.

It gets easier to do it when you make a checklist. For example, start in the kitchen and clean every cabinet, appliance, and shelf. Similarly, ensure deep cleaning using vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice when in the bathroom. Ideally, you should call a plumber if you find a problem draining faucets and bathtubs.

6 Test your detectors

Last but not least, checking all the detectors in your home is necessary. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors must work well to ensure your safety. However, you will have all the appliances and equipment serviced beforehand. However, prevention is always better than cure.

So, try and get the smoke detectors checked. Next, if you do not have detectors installed at home, experts suggest getting some. It is because various things can cause a fire at home. Thus, you need to be sure that you get early detection for the same to prevent any significant damage.

Bottom Line

Just as you prepare for the new season by getting the winter clothes out, changing your beverage preference, and more. Similarly, it would help if you had your home to prepare. It needs maintenance, cleaning, and pest control to function well. We hope the information above enables you to prepare the house for the changing season.

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